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Why Can’t I See Wisp Booty When Walking? Solution – Warframe

Warframe Wisp

Here Is The fix to the problem: Why Can I See Wisp Booty When walking in orbiter?

Why Can I See Wisp Booty When walking?

Heres the deal. We all have the problem when we first create or buy the frame. so, I will fix that by telling u guys how to fix XD:

The Fix is EZ here’s how to fix

All you have to do is Turn Field Of View All the way up to 78:

Click Save And u are set!!

Now Watch That Thing Bounce for days.


I Recommend u buy or get the alt, helmet for wisp instead of the original one.

For two reasons: 1. The main looks like a nibble 2. The gameplay experience is doubled with the alt, helmet.

Enjoy the ASSets.

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