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Cetus Day/Night Cycle Calendar – A Way to Plan for Eidolon Hunts

Warframe Day Night Cycle

As many of you know, the PoE day/night cycle lasts for 150 minutes total: 100 minutes for day, 50 minutes for night. Since the timing is fixed, I figured that it would be possible to definitely know when it will be nighttime throughout the week. Based on the current timing of the day/night cycle, the pattern repeats every 5 days. For example, nighttime on Feb. 11 begins at 1:24 am (Central Time – USA) and later again at 3:54 am. Five days later on Feb. 16, nighttime will again begin at 1:24 am and 3:54 am (and so on and so forth).

With knowledge of this pattern it becomes possible to plan out or determine at what times of the week nighttime would overlap with your own available gaming time. Also considering the amount of boss fight content available (and will be available) in the plains, it becomes even more important to be able to easily know when it is nighttime on the plains.

However, it’s cumbersome to make these calculations by oneself. If there was someone with the know-how (or DE) who could create a webpage or app in the form of a calendar to help a player quickly determine when it will be nighttime in the next few days, I think that it would be incredibly helpful and may alleviate some of the frustration involved with not being able to play during the night cycle due to a restricted time period with which to play the game.

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