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Equinox Prime Access Relics – Warframe

Warframe Equinox Relics

I put a list together for personal use and thought other people might like to see it. Relics are out NOW!

  • Lith M4 – Equinox Prime Chassis (C), Stradavar Prime Barrel (UC)
  • Lith P2 – Tipedo Prime BP (C)
  • Meso E2 – Equinox Prime Systems (R)
  • Meso M3 – Equinox Prime Neuroptics (UC)
  • Meso Z3 – Stradavar Prime Receiver (C)
  • Neo N10 – Tipedo Prime Ornament (UC)
  • Neo S11 – Stradavar Prime BP (R)
  • Axi K5 – Equinox Prime BP (UC)
  • Axi T2 – Stradavar Prime Stock (C), Tipedo Prime Handle (R)
  • Equinox Prime BP – Axi K5 (UC)
  • Equinox Prime Neuroptics – Meso M3 (UC)
  • Equinox Prime Chassis – Lith M4 (C)
  • Equinox Prime Systems – Meso E2 (R)
  • Stradavar Prime BP – Neo S11 (R)
  • Stradavar Prime Barrel – Lith M4 (UC)
  • Stradavar Prime Stock – Axi T2 (C)
  • Stradavar Prime Receiver – Meso Z3 (C)
  • Tipedo Prime BP – Lith P2 (C)
  • Tipedo Prime Ornament (x2) – Neo N10 (UC)
  • Tipedo Prime Handle – Axi T2 (R)

Oberon Prime, Sybaris Prime, and Silva & Aegis Prime Relics may no longer be obtained.

Additionally, Lith A3 and Neo C1 are new relics, but do not contain any Prime Access parts.

I prefer getting these from bounties, so here’s:

  • Bounties: ROT A

T2: Lith M4

T3: Meso M3

T4: Neo S11

T5: Axi T2

  • Bounties: ROT B

T2: Lith A3

T3: Meso Z3

T4: Neo N10

T5: Axi K5

  • Bounties: ROT C

T2: Lith P2

T3: Meso E2

T4: Neo C1

T5: Axi T2

Yes Axi T2 is twice, no I don’t know why.

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