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Gain a hoverboard – Warframe

Warframe Hover Board

How to gain a K-drive in Warframe.

Will need

  • Decent gear.
  • Access to Venus.
  • Devotion to the quests.
  • Room in your gear wheel.


“Howzit, Outworlder! Welcome to Fortuna, nerve-center of Nef Anyo’s attempts to terraform Venus and home to the Solaris rig jockeys who make it all happen. Talk to the local reprobates for all your quasi-legal needs! If you’re looking to hit the Orb Vallis talk to Eudico. It ain’t much, but it’s home… provided you can handle all the noise comin’ from the vents.”

Vox Solaris quest

Vox Solaris is an optional solo-only quest where the Tenno aids the people of Fortuna to reignite the Solaris United rebellion against Nef Anyo. Completing this quest allows full access to Solaris United syndicate, a K-Drive Launcher, and the blueprint for the Garuda Warframe.

  • Talk to Thursby in Fortuna.
  • He’ll get you to do a cache mission.
  • Talk to Eudico in fortuna.
  • Thursby will get smacked up.
  • Talk to Eduico again after that mission and ride the K-drive she borrows for you.
  • Ride the k-drive and fend off the investors machine to halt their funding and declare a ‘truce.’

Eudico would do anything to keep her people safe, but will she stand up to Nef Anyo?

Completing Vox Solaris will give you full access to bounties on Fortuna and all types of venders.

Gear wheel

Equip the K-drive on your gear wheel after completing Vox Solaris.

Free roam

Can equip the K-drive and use it on water in the Earth plains.

Makes traveling much faster if you don’t have the archwing.

It’s that simple, there’s roughly 4-5 missions in this quest but it’s worth it.

Enjoy your new hoverboard!

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