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Proc’ing Growing Power: +25% Power Strength – Warframe

Warframe Growing Power

Growing Power is an aura that increases power strength by 25% for 6 seconds after a status proc. This guide explains one of the most effective ways of activating Growing Power, Artax’s cold beams. This guide includes builds for Artax and the best accompanying sentinels.


*Growing power stacks so a full party equipped with growing power equals +100% power strength.

Any status proc from a weapon (not warframes) will proc growing power. However, this may not always be suitable. Therefor having a sentinel equipped with artax is convenient since the sentinel will proc status for you.


The artax’s beam has a 100% chance to proc cold status. That is why artax is used by many players to proc growing power.

This build includes a fire rate mod to ensure constant procs. Eagle Eye and Sinister Reach increases range. Shred allows artax to penetrate walls. The hush mod is very important for stealth play as well as survivability of the sentinel. Without the hush mod, the sentinel will draw enemy fire. Primed fast hands can be replaced with fast hands to avoid forma. Replace shred with primed shred if you have it.

The artax is accurate up to 42 meters.


The artax’ range is limited by the sentinel’s targeting system. That is why it is important to choose a sentinel capable of targeting enemies at least or close to 42 meters away. The following sentinels can target enemies 42 meters away.


  • Necessary mod:
    • Targeting Receptor
  • Optional exclusive mods:
    • Investigator – Allows the Helios Sentinel to scan objects and enemies it encounters. This consumes Codex Scanner charges unless the Sol-Battery Widget is obtained from Cephalon Simaris. Sol-Battery Widget grants infinite charges.
    • Detect Vulnerability – Allows the Helios Sentinel to reveal weak points on enemies that have had previously completed Codex scans. Note that it has a slow cast rate.
  • Helios Prime comes with great utility automatically scanning objects as well as increasing DPS through detect vulnerability. Helios Prime is highly recommended.


  • Necessary mod:
    • Calculated Shot
  • Optional exclusive mods:
    • Electro Pulse – Sentinel continually zaps a nearby enemy, trapping them in a stunned state. Range is 15 meters.
    • Arc Coil – Sentinel will zap multiple enemies within range. Range is 10 meters.
  • Diriga has very effective CC and is highly recommended.


  • Necessary mod:
    • Warrior
  • Optional exclusive mods:
    • Crowd Dispersion – Unleashes radial stun damage when multiple enemies are nearby. Range is only 10 meters and cast rate is once every 15 seconds.
  • The problem with Wyrm Prime is that equipping the artax stops Wyrm Prime from casting Crowd Dispersion. Mostly the advantage to Wyrm Prime is that it’s the one of the tankiest sentinels in the game. Wyrm Prime is highly recommended and will die less compared to other sentinels.


  • Necessary mod:
    • Retarget
  • Optional exclusive mods:
    • Molecular Conversion – Blast enemies within range, converting damage into shields for the Warframe.
  • Taxon only slightly improves survivability with Molecular Conversion. Therefor, Taxon is only useful in early game.


  • Necessary mod:
    • Thumper
  • Optional exclusive mods:
    • Fatal Attraction – Draw enemies close and deal high radial damage.
  • Fatal Attraction isn’t very effective and I recommend other sentinels over Djinn.


  • Necessary mod:
    • Swift Deth
  • Optional exclusive mods:
    • Vaporize – Sentinel will deal high damage to target that gets too close.
  • Deathcube is the least useful of the bunch and is only recommended if you love its look for fashion frame.


All of these mods are good, so builds are mostly player preference.

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