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How to: Farming Octavia – Warframe

Warframe Octavia

So today I decided to farm the parts for Octavia, and since I ran into quite a few people that seem to be really confused as to how this is done, I figured a quick “how to” was in order.

Octavia Blueprint

Complete “Octavia’s anthem” quest.

Octavia Systems

Mission: Plato, Lua

You can get the systems from finding and opening the 3 Orokin caches that spawn in this mission.


The systems are a reward from rotation A, so you technically only need to find 1 of the caches for a chance at them, but I believe the more you open, the more chances you have. (confirmation needed)

Sentients spawn in this mission, so take care.

Extra tips: Mods that will help you find the caches are Thief’s WitLoot Detector and Animal Instinct

Octavia Chassis

Mission: Any, Lua (suggested Plato/Copernicus)

You can get the chassis from completing the Orokin music challenge.

This is where the majority of confusion comes in since most people think this means the agility challenge (with the big organ).

The room you actually want is the huge musical “Simon says” room. Here is a picture (Img 1). And here is the console (Img 2) you use to start the challenge.

Img 1:

Img 2:

Once you complete the challenge, you want to jump up to the very top of the machine, where a container (Img 3) will spawn. Break it, and you will receive the chassis. (Img 4)

Img 3:

Img 4:

Note: No sentients will spawn if you decide to look for the room via the Capture mission in Copernicus.

Octavia Neuroptics

Mission: Orokin Derelict (Survival)

No confusion on this one. Just run the mission until you get to rotation C, then rinse and repeat.

Hope this is useful to speed up the process for someone. Happy dubstepping.

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