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How to get Vauban – Warframe

Warframe Vauban

Theres 2 Ways to get him. I’ll list both below.

Keep in mind that I am a player of warframe, In fact I am an expert and know exactly what I’m talking about so don’t try to debate and say that I’m wrong in this guide because I have Vauban and I’ve observed and worked so hard for research for this guide. All of this information that I just told you in the chat above is legit and you can even see how many hours I put of my life into this game and every day those hours go up. To sum up what I just said I know what I’m talking about and there is ONLY 2 ways to get Vauban and the following sections are how to get Vauban in Way A or Way B. Have fun getting Vauban and make sure to thumbs up and favorite this guide so more people can see this helpful guide and as always have fun and enjoy the brand new Vauban you just got!

Way A

Warframe Vauban

(If you are poor)

  • Step 1. Wait for an alert to give a Vauban item
  • Step 2. Wait
  • Step 3. Wait
  • Step 4. Wait for an alert with a Vauban item
  • Step 5. Keep waiting
  • Step 6. Repeat steps 1-5 about 30 times
  • Step 7. Build Vauban and finally equip him
  • Step 8. Wake up from you dream
  • Step 9. Repeat steps 1-9

Way B

(If you are rich)

  • Step 1. Go to¬†– Link
  • Step 2. Sign in
  • Step 3. (Mindless Consumerism) buy the $20 370 platinum package
  • Step 4. (Mindless Consumerism) buy the $5 75 platinum package
  • Step 5. Launch Warframe up
  • Step 6. Go to your arsenal
  • Step 7. Go to equip
  • Step 8. Scroll down to the bottom and stop when you find Vauban
  • Step 9. Double click him and click purchase
  • Step 10. Realize after you bought Vauban that you need a lot of mods for him to be good

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