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How to Get New Pet Kubrow – Warframe

Warframe Kubrow

Hello Tenno, I was sent here by Lotus to show you, how to get your new pet Kubrow.

Finding the Quest

In order to start the quest you will need to kill Jackal Boss on Venus>Fossa, the assassination mission will reward you with “Howl of the Kubrow”, head to your Codex>Quests>Howl of the Kubrow and hit the “Begin” button.

Obtain Incubator Segment

Congratulations you started the quest, it’s time to get your new pet Kubrow.

But, before you go farming your Kubrow head to market and buy Incubator “Power Core Blueprint” and start crafting it, you will need it in near future.

And start accumulating 100.000 credits because you will need them to buy 6x DNA stabilazer’s.

First mission you get will be on Jupiter>Elara, head there and obtain the “Incubator Segment”

The mission it self is easy with Corpus enemies between level 8-10 at the beginning, head to extraction as soon as you can, all you need is just to complete the mission, no matter how much time you survive there.

Farming Kubrow Egg

Here comes the most tricky part, getting the “Kubrow Egg”.

Many people if lucky get the Egg at their first run, for those ones who are farming it for ever I have some advices do give which I used and they helped me.

First of all do the mission in Solo mod or with friends because other players are to fast destroying the Kubrow Den’s and running to extraction.

1º Advice: Equip “Codex Scanner” it will help you finding Kubrow Den’s
2ª Advice: Equip low tier melee weapon
3ª Advice: Destroy Kubrow Den’s standing on the top of them
4º Advice: Run around destroyed Kubrow Den’s and search for the egg it is barely visible or equip Carrier Sentinel
5ª Advice: Kubrow Den’s have a random chance to drop the Egg and Kubrow’s Mods.

While your Kubrow Grows

Kubrow’s have two parameters that must be maintained “DNA Integrity” and “Loyalty”, both can be viewed and maintained in the Incubator. This is where you will need your 100.00 credits!

It will take 48 hours for your kubrow to finish the incubation process and more about 24-48 hours to mature.

How to use my Kubrow?

Well after your kubrow has matured head to your Codex Quests tab and start the new quest to get the Kubrow Collar.

It will head you to Earth>Lilith it will be a Defense mission with Grineer marines and your kubrow will help you.

After the mission end you are free to equip your new friend. You are only able to equip your Kubrow or Sentinel, can’t have them both helping you.

The End of the guide, I hope I helped some of you guys.

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