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Warframe Mirage

This is a guide to get the new warframe woo!

STEP 1: Get that hidden messege quest blueprint in market > Equipment > Keys & Drones > Hidden Messages Blueprint.

STEP 2: Gotta go get dem Orokin Cipher… Oh the pain… of farming… These are obtainable in orokin vaults! So buddy up and go running! (You can go to recruiting tab to see if anyone is hosting vault runs there ^^)

STEP 3: Once blueprint is finished! You gotta solve three riddles to find the locations for the Helm, Systems and Chassis blueprints.

However, I will list their locations here anyway cuz… who likes riddles… eurgh!

  1. Helm blueprint – Mission: Olympus > Planet: Mars
  2. Systems blueprint – Mission: Calypso > Planet: Saturn
  3. Chassis blueprint – Mission: Charybdis > Planet : Sedna
  4. The Blueprint for the thing is in Market > Warframe > Warframe Blueprints > Mirage Blueprint 35K Credits >.>

Note > You must finish building Helmet to get systems.. then must finish building systems before getting chasis!

STEP 4: NOW GO BUILD IT IN FOUNDRY GOOD LUCK TENNO! (Foundry is under Equipment > Foundry) Okey.

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