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How to get Nightmare Mods – Warframe

Warframe Nightmare Mods

This is a guide aimed at newer players. In this guide, I will be listing all the nightmare mods and how to get them.

What are nightmare mods?

Nightmare mods are mods which drop from nightmare mode missions. All of the nightmare mods are rare quality (they look golden) and they increase two of your stats.

Why should you want to get NM mods and a list of them

As mentioned in the previous section, the nightmare mods increase two of your stats(except for 1 mod), so it should come as no surprise that they are really useful while modding. There are a total of 19 Nightmare mods. All except 8 of these mods have 3 ranks.

List of all the Nightmare mods and their stats:

Mod Name________what you can use it on___stats at rank 0

  • Accelarated Blast__Shotguns______________Fire Rate+15%, Puncture Damage+15%
  • Animal Instinct ____Companions___________Loot Radar+5m, Enemy Radar+3m
  • Armored Agility____Warframes____________Sprint Speed+2.5%, Armor+7.5%
  • Blaze____________Shotguns_____________Damage+15%, Heat Damage+15%
  • Chilling Reload____Shotgun______________Cold Damage+15%,Reload Speed+10%
  • Constitution_______Warframes___________Knockdown Recovery+10%, Power Durration+7%
  • Drifting Contact____Melee_______________Combo Duration+2.5s, Status Chance+10%
  • Focus Energy_____Melee_______________Channeling Efficiency+10%, Electric Damage+15%
  • Fortitude_________Warframes___________Resist Knockdown+5%, Sheild Recharge Rate+20%
  • Hammer Shot_____Primary_____________Critical Damage+15%, Status Chance+10%
  • Ice Storm________Secondary___________Magazine Cap+10%, Cold Damage+10%
  • Lethal Torrent_____Secondary___________Fire Rate+10%, Multishot+10%
  • Rending Strike____Melee_______________Puncture Damage+20%, Slash Damage+15%
  • Seeking Fury_____Shotgun_____________Reloading Speed+2.5%, Punch Trough+0.2m
  • Shred___________Primary_____________Fire Rate+5%, Punch Trough+0.2m
  • Streamlined Form_Warframe____________Holster Rate+10%, Slide+2.5%, Friction-2.5%
  • Stunning Speed___Secondary___________Reload Speed+10%, Status Chance+2.5%
  • Vigor____________Warframe___________Shelid Cap+20%, Health+20%
  • Wild Fire_________Primary_____________Magazine Cap+5%, Heat Damage+15%

Nightmare Missions

Nightmare mods are awarded to players who complete nightmare missions. Nightmare missions start appearing on planet if you’ve completed all the missions on that planet. Nightmare missions are marked with a red-orange colour and have a symbol on them which looks similar to the photo for this guide (in red colour). Once you hover over the nightmare missions you will see that after the gamemode it has something written in brackets, thats the negative modifier of the mission. Every Nightmare mission has negative modifiers, each mission can have 1-2 negative modifiers.

List of all negative modifiers:

  • Vampire Mode (your health drains, each time you kill you get hp back)
  • Death Detonation Mode (when you kill enemies they explode dealing little damage to you)
  • Timed Mode (you have a certain amount of time to complete the mission, usually 5 minutes)
  • Friendly Fire Mode (you can damage and kill your teammates)
  • Energy Drain Mode (your energy drains really fast and you will have no energy most of the time)
  • No Sheild Mode (you have no shield ) *inaros intensifies*
  • Low Gravity Mode (the gravity is lower)

In addition to these negative modifiers the enemy level is also higher.

Once you complete a nightmare mission on a planet you will need to wait 8 hours for another nightmare mission to appear on that planet.

How to get the specific NM mods you want

Depending on the mission category you will get different mods. Certant mods drop on certain difficulties.

Nightmare missions are divided into 3 categories:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

How can you tell if the missions is easy, medium or hard? The mission difficulty depends on the planet that it’s on.

Easy Nightmare Missions can be found on: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Easy Nightmare missions can award you with:

  • Accelerated Blast
  • Blaze
  • Chilling Reload
  • Hammershot
  • Ice Storm
  • Stunning Speed
  • Wild Fire

Medium Nightmare Missions can be found on: Phobos, Ceres, Jupiter, Europa, Saturn and the Void. Medium Nightmaremissions can award you with:

  • Armored Agility
  • Drifting Contact
  • Fortitude
  • Rending Strike
  • Seeking Fury
  • Shred

Hard Nightmare Missions can be found on: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris, Lua and Sedna. Hard Nightmare missions can award you with:

  • Animal Instinct
  • Constitution
  • Focus Energy
  • Lethal Torrent
  • Streamlined Form
  • Vigor

End Section

I hope this guide helped you, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments. There are probably some spelling mistakes in the guide, you can just point them out no need to make fun of me for them. Thanks for reading, if you thought it was a good guide you can rate it up.

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