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Orthos Prime, the weapon that is underestimated

Warframe Orthos Prime

So, I thought I discovered how to properly use Orthos prime. Some people seemed to think it sucks, and that I wasted forma and stuff doing so, and that my build sucks.

Well, my experience proves them incorrect. I was going to make a video to showcase the build, and explain it all, but I wanted to see if videos like that existed.

They do.

And there’s some good end game builds, yes, you read that correctly, end game, with orthos prime, I know, take your time to digest that.

I thought orthos prime would become useless at about level 50+, as I had no issue with enemies below level 50.

Boy was I wrong when I saw someone effectively killing level 100-300+ with it.

Here’s one video. My current build is very similar, and yes, I’ve used the BERSERKER mod on it from the start.

The clowns at “Warframe University” put me down for this. How can you call yourselfs teachers when you’re so rude and arrogant and closed minded? But this only fueled my determination more.

It really comes down to what you want more: extremely high damage attacks that are slower, and overall a LOT less DPS, or do you want a HUGE DPS boost?

If you want more DPS, watch the following video:

Remember, Tenno; a true warrior does not limit himself by the limitations of others. A true warriors masters himself. A true Tenno, will find a way to make something work.

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