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Plains of Eidolon Remaster Available Now! Warframe

Warframe Plains of Eidolon

We’ve added a suite of improvements, including updated terrain textures, dynamic lighting, richly detailed trees, and foliage, as well as a more nuanced day/night cycle. Plus, with all the technical improvements, the Plains runs smoother than ever!


You can now track and trap animals in the Plains! Master Teasonai will be your source for Echo-Lures as you work to get these animals to safety. Echo-Lures are not required as these animals continually roam the Plains, but calling them will bring them running (or flying!). A Conservation Badge and new Floofs from Master Teasonai await your efforts.


An avian of ridiculous appearance found along coastal regions and by large bodies of water. Mergoo circle and squawk at the sight of marine predators. Many an Ostron fisher owes their life to these odd little birds. Killing one is considered very bad luck.

New Kuaka and Condroc variants can also be found throughout the vast Plains of Eidolon!


Reports of a new Grineer machine have spread to Cetus. Vay Hek has deployed Tusk Thumpers — mobile defense platforms that are just as efficient as they are deadly. Be prepared to encounter three menacing Thumpers of increasing size and difficulty: the Tusk Thumper, the Tusk Thumper Bull, and the Tusk Thumper Doma.

Without a vulnerability to use to your advantage, you’ll need to identify and expose their weak spots to take them down as quickly as possible. Take too long, and they’ll release reinforcement drones.

When you’re done with this roaming threat, make sure to pay a visit to Nakak! Trade in Resources to get a new Tusk Thumper Floof – there’s one for each type of Thumper for you to collect!


Expand your personal armory with the newest Grineer Sparring Weapon.


Powerful pneumatic grips and toecaps amplify every blow. Four ways to deal twice the pain.

The Plains of Eidolon has received a visual overhaul!

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