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Profit-Taker Fight Guide – Warframe

Warframe Profit Taker

Ok, I’ve done quite a few runs of the profit taker, and I am pretty confident in how to complete the fight.

Obviously you need to be in stage 4 of the heist and is repeatable once unlocked.

Frame Choice

  • Way too early to find optimal frames, more time is needed.

  • So far I recommend Chroma, Inaros, mesa, and nyx (with assimilate augment). As these frames are very tanky, and most can boost damage for your weapons.

  • As for some frames I do NOT recommend so far. Harrow Brings really great immunity and damage buffs with his 4th ability, but not being able to recast ends you up killed more than being able to utilise the damage buff, unless you are using your archwing to reset his 4th don’t use him. Don’t bring frames with low health like ember and mag obviously.

  • Some frames that haven’t been tested but could be really good are Frost, Limbo, Loki, and Ivara, as these can either be invincible, invisible or defended.

Weapon Choice

  • Anything that isn’t shotguns tend to work in this fight.

  • Make sure to bring a variety of weapon damages e.g. Corrosive, heat, cold, magnetic. And also IPS I’ll explain later how this comes into effect.

  • As for your arch-gun imperator vandal is the one I have been using and have found a lot of success with.

Starting the fight

After loading into orb vallus the profit-taker will be marked on your map, head over to it and look for a green light on the profit takers head. The green light should be displaying a damage type (hence why I said bring a variety). This is the only damage type that can damage the blue shield of the profit-taker. The damage type the shield is weak to can be changed by using the operators void blast and amps, this can be done about every 4s.

Arch-Gun Phase:

After removing the blue shield, the profit-takers legs will become vulnerable. This is when you deploy your arch-gun and damage the legs. Once all 4 legs are weakened enough, The profit takers body will become exposed, and you can damage him for a quarter of his health.


Now the profit-taker will become immune again. He will send out pylons that are protected by a blue shield. Just walk into the shield and destroy the pylons. Repeat for all the pylons to start his blue-shield phase again.

25% Remaining:

When you complete the 3rd damage cycle Littleduck will inform you that you have 5 minutes left to kill the profit-taker. Just repeat another cycle within the 5 minutes to complete the profit-taker fight.


Pick up the loot right away, preferably with itzal quickly after the final phase, as something I do not want to spoil makes loot harder to find in my experience.


  • You can use your arch-gun right away at the start of the fight, but I like damaging the shield with different guns more.

  • You can replenish arch-gun ammo by killing nearby corpus. They will drop a large yellow outlined ammo crate. If you are on cooldown, this should remove/reduce the cooldown as well.

  • Use your operator to avoid attacks. Especially if it’s your first time doing the encounter.


  • Crisma Toroids, these give 6000 standing per toroid handed it.

  • Magma Chamber, I would say that other archwing mods can drop here as well. Willing to guarantee that Searing Steel drops here as well.

  • There is apparently a cosmetic that can drop now from the boss

That’s it!

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