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The Nightmare Patch Notes – Warframe

Warframe Patch Notes

Mostly warframe nerfs.


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  • Marking enemies for Bladestorm now gets an increase in energy (+5) the more marks are placed, capped at 50 energy per mark.


  • No longer immune to damage on health after using Landslide.
  • Bulwarks’ and Rumblers’ health is no longer increased by armor.


  • Sonar is no longer recastable while active.
  • Silence stuns enemies only once in its entire duration, this also affects Savage Silence (if enemies enter Silence range more than once, they’re only stunned the first time)
  • Soundquake (and Resonating Quake) now only affect enemies in LoS.


  • Vex Armor is no longer recastable while active.
  • Spectral Scream consumes other active abilities’ duration to deal more damage.
  • When cast, Effigy halves active abilities’ duration to halve its energy drain for its entire duration.


  • Accelerant can no longer be recastable while active and only stuns enemies in LoS.
  • World of Fire’s damage increases or decreases, depending on how much energy Ember has.


  • Changing forms also instantly stops the effects on enemies affected by Pacify & Provoke.
  • Enemies put to sleep with Pacify can wake up instantly if a non-silenced gun is fired too close to them.
  • Day form’s Rage makes Equinox consume 10 energy everytime a buffed ability is cast.
  • Day form’s Maim now has a cap at 5000 damage, dealing further damage will only decrease energy drain.


  • Exalted Blade’s waves no longer have infinite punch through. Instead they bounce off walls, losing 30% damage for each bounce.


  • Freeze freezes the target solid for 5 seconds instead of forever until a threshold is reached.
  • Snow Globe now reduces its own size when it is too big to fit in more closed areas.
  • Avalanche only affects enemies in LoS.


  • Splinter Storm can no longer stack its damage when Gara destroys the Mass Vitrity structure while outside it, now it increases pushback radius by 10% instead.
  • Gara is no longer immune to damage while channeling Mass Vitrify.


  • Penance duration cap decreased to 60 seconds.
  • Thurible now has a cap on energy per kill, at 10 energy.
  • Harrow and allies affected can no longer move, use abilities or weapons during Convenant’s invincibility period.


  • No longer has an ability page in the menus.
  • Charged Tempest Barrage and Tentacle Swarm now have double the energy cost as before.
  • If Hydroid touches a wall while in Tidal Surge, the wave ends automatically, and Hydroid is stunned and given an Impact proc.


  • Scarab Swarm’s extra armor is now only 100 extra armor.
  • Enemies blinded by Desiccation no longer turn back to unalerted after they’re done covering their eyes.
  • When Sandstorm damages enemies trapped in Devour, its energy drain is increased by 1 per each enemy.


  • Can now only have one type of arrows active at once. Firing one arrow limits Quiver to that arrow for the entire mission.
  • Enemies asleep no longer turn back to unalerted once they wake up with no alarms on.
  • Navigator can no longer be used after a bullet is fired, it must be used before, and now it costs 5 energy.
  • Artemis Bow’s arrow spread increased.


  • Khora is now changed back to release state.


  • Can no longer carry objects in the rift.
  • Cataclysm no longer knockdowns enemies caught by either it spawning or despawning.
  • Stasis is back to affecting all allied projectiles.


  • Radial Disarm only affects enemies in LoS.
  • The target you Switch Teleport with is instantly opposed against you, unless you’re invisible, in that case it will be alerted.
  • Can no longer switch teleport with his own Decoy.


  • Changed to pre-second rework state.
  • Polarize damage capped to 1000.


  • Shooting Gallery no longer works on enemies wielding melee weapons.
  • Shattering Shield no longer reflects back bullets.
  • Peacemaker’s energy drain is halved, but shooting with the Peacemakers consumes 3 energy per shot.


  • Now only 1 of Mirage’s clones shoots along side her, to fix performance issues.
  • Prism can only be cast on the ground.


  • Terrify works in LoS and no longer removes armor.
  • Desecrate’s energy cost is now a percentage of Nekros’ max energy (health using Despoil), the chance for corpses to drop health orbs is decreased.
  • Health drain on Shadows is increased, depending on how distant from the Shadows Nekros is.


  • Firewalker is back to being an endless ability and its energy drain increases over time.
  • Blazing Chakram’s maximum range decreased to 10 meters. It now returns to Nezha the moment it touches a surface or enemy.
  • Divine Spears launches targets in the air, rather than keep them impaled.


  • Max stack amount reduced to 50.
  • Stack amount required for the passive to kick in increased to 25.
  • Nidus is no longer invincible for 5 seconds after the passive kicks in.
  • Field of view decrease when the passive kicks in is much stronger.
  • Parasitic Link stops automatically when the target is outside Nidus’s LoS.


  • Null stars no longer give damage reduction to Nova’s Health.
  • Antimatter drop’s damage capped to 20’000.
  • Wormhole can only be cast while on the ground.
  • Molecular Prime now drains energy while the wave expands.


  • The mind controlled target can still damage Nyx and allies.
  • Chaos (and Chaos Sphere) now only works in LoS.
  • If Absorb’s final damage surpasses 300, Nyx is knockdowned after deactivating.


  • Smite’s particles no longer deal a percentage of the target’s health, and no longer spawn in greater numbers using Power Strength.
  • The Iron Renewal buff can no longer last forever to allies buffed by Renewal.


  • Damage redirected is now limited to 4000 per second.
  • Resonator no longer increases its range when enemies are attracted.
  • Up to 2 of metronome’s buffs can stay on at once. When a new one is made, the oldest one is automatically removed and progress to restore it is reset.
  • Instead of increasing all weapons’ damage, Amp now increases only the damage of weapons that make noise.


  • Can now only cast abilities one the ground.
  • Mesmer Skin no longer makes Revenant resistant to lethal damage he can’t avoid, including Self damage.
  • Danse Macabre now costs 10’000 Energy per second, and will decrease Revenant’s max energy to 0 for 2 minutes.


  • Rhino Charge and its combo counter reset automatically after hitting 2 or more enemies in a single charge.
  • Iron Skin no longer converts all damage taken for the first 3 seconds into extra health, and doesn’t increase with Armor.
  • Roar is now multiplcative instead of additive.


  • Saryn reverted to her 1.0 kit.
  • Miasma no longer deals more damage if built for negative duration.


  • Razorwing no longer gives Titania 50% Elusion and no longer has an innate Vacuum.


  • Link only links to enemies in LoS.
  • Blessing can only be casted on the ground.


  • Rip Line can only be used against enemies.
  • Warcry no longer buffs armor of allies in range.
  • Paralysis prevents her shields from regenerating for 60 seconds after use.
  • Valkyr’s claws gain or lose range, depending on how much energy she has.


  • Tesla no longer procs Electricity.
  • Landmine: Shred no longer ragdolls, Concuss’ radiation proc is halved, Bounce’s ragdoll strength is quadrupled and tripwire expires after the first use.
  • Bastille only works in LoS.
  • Vortex has a cap of 10 enemies affected at once. Each enemy caught makes Vortex’s duration expire 5% faster.


  • Shock no longer procs Electricity.
  • Speed loses 2 seconds of duration everytime Volt/affected allies bump into something.
  • Electric shield makes the holder lose even more speed and parkour strength.
  • Discharge’s wave, and enemies turned into teslas, only work in LoS.


  • Iron Jab no longer knocks down the target.
  • Defy no longer gives Wukong temporary invincibility when it triggers.
  • Wukong can now take damage while in Cloudwalker.
  • Primal Fury’s range increase with combo counter now capped at +40%.


  • All abilities no longer cost less while airborne.
  • Air Burst can now be controlled with the cursor, but Zephyr can no longer use weapons while doing so.
  • Turbulence no longer protects against hitscan projectiles.
  • Tornado’s ragdoll strength increased tenfold.


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  • Sacrifice, Regen, Primed Regen and Fetch mods removed from the game.

  • Vacuum can only affect a single drop at once.

  • Beasts can no longer be revived.


  • Riven disposition of every weapon in the game except Ether Daggers, Stug and Veldt reduced to 0.4.

  • Riven’s cycling Kuva cost no longer caps.

  • Ranked rivens can no longer be transmuted.


  • Self damage of all weapons that deal it has been increased by ∞%. Being hit with Self damage completely nullifies any active ability.

  • Kohm status chance decreased to 5%.

  • Condition Overload’s effect decreased to +10% damage per proc


  • Focus cost of a perk upgrade increased by a percentage equal to the number of times you’ve upgraded a Focus perk, with no cap.


  • Using a chat link now costs 1000 credits. Those that typed in the link receive 100 credits for every use.
  • Mastery Trials have a 1 million credits entering fee, multiplied by the mastery rank you’re trying to achieve, and can only be repeated once per week.
  • Warframes and Archwings now take 7 days to build.
  • Removed innate 3m vacuum.
  • Changed maximum amount of loadout slots to 5.
  • Resource Extractors are 10 times weaker.
  • Mods that give extra knockdown recovery speed have had their bonus cut in half.
  • Pain Threshold removed from the game.
  • Rollers can now perform much higher jumps.
  • Daily Revives have returned.
  • All items’ max level is now 20: to reach 30, you must install the new Orokin Overloader, found in the market for 20p.
  • Heavy landings can no longer be avoided by landing on a slide.

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