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Things NOT to do while trading [Disjointed Rant] – Warframe

Warframe Trading

Note: To everyone suggesting WF.Market, I’m well aware. I’ve mentioned the website TWICE in my post already. I get it. But it doesn’t 100% rectify the issue that is the lack of “Common Courtesy.” I’ve experienced my share of dicks there just as often as trade chat.

I’m low on plat; down to the double digits. So I decided to dip into my stash of stockpiled prime gear. It’s been about 2 or so months since I last had to trade and boy, now I remember why I don’t do it that often. You have one of two options when trading in Warframe. Deal with people on WF.Market (People who artificially inflate prices/ask for outrageously dirt cheap prices) or deal with trade chat (A cesspool of idiots 50% of the time). Within the span of just an hour I’ve dealt with people that show prime ( hue ) examples of what not to do when trading.

The First

Bartering/Changing the price after you establish you want to trade

Holy crap this irks me. If I say I’m selling a set for 200p, you messaged me and accept that you are willing to pay 200p, I don’t want to hear any last second requests on “Will you do 100p?” when you enter the dojo. Same goes with sellers. If you say you’re selling a part/set for 100p don’t go and ask for 125p when you open the trade window.

The Second

Warframe Trading

Going silent when you don’t want to trade

I get it. Sometimes you get cold feet when you trade. Sometimes you second thought your potential purchase. That’s perfectly fine. I’ve done it before too. But for the love of the void, please tell me if that’s the case. I hate having my time wasted. The time I spend standing around, not getting a response from you is time that I could spend trying to sell the set to someone else. Have the common decency to message me “Sorry, I’m no longer interested.” It takes 5 seconds.


Blocking for price inquiries

This has happened to me twice the past week. As anyone who runs void knows Nyx Prime Systems drop like crazy. I’ve crafted one a day for the past 2 months for Ducat fodder (50d each) and still manage to have 13 left. It’s normally classified as a “Junk Part” in trades. Someone was asking for 50p for one that they had. I messaged them and politely corrected them, telling them that they should lower the price as its a relatively common piece. This promptly landed me on this person’s block list. The number of times I’ve been blocked for trying to help out with plat prices is astounding (Even from people who ASKED for it). I get the “They weren’t PCing it” argument but I’d rather go out of my way to help someone make a sale than let it fester in their inventory with a 50x inflated price tag. It does nothing but do good for the economy. More plat in their pocket, more ducats in another’s.


Warframe Build

Not checking Mastery Requirements/Credit Cost before trading

This is less of a dick move by buyers and more of a lack of information. Syndicate Secondaries require Mastery Rank 6 and Primaries require Mastery Rank 12. I’ll see that I have syndicate standing so I offer up on trade chat that I’m selling some weapons. I’ll find a buyer, grab the weapon, bring them to the dojo, try to slap down the weapon only to get a “THIS WEAPON IS XP LOCKED” message because the buyer is bellow the required Mastery Rank. This then leaves me with a weapon that I’m stuck with instead of having the flexibility of selling the other syndicate weapon or a syndicate mod. Because of this I’ve had to get into the habit of checking the profile of every person I trade with when selling these weapons. This also applies to trading legendary mods like Primed mods and Legendary Cores. There is a one million credit trade tax on these so make sure you have the credits needed for a transaction.

Sorry for a somewhat disjointed rant. The people in trade/ and the trading system in general have gotten under my skin today. To the point where I felt the need to ramble about it. I’m at the point where I’m just going to say tesla balls to it and buy platinum so I don’t need to deal with the middleman. Just my two credits on the matter.

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