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Tigris: The Rek Machine – Warframe

Warframe Tigris

Welcome to my comprehensive guide of all things Tigris, here you can find a universal build for all 3 variations of the beautiful shotgun.

Tigris: The Variations

The double-barreled shotgun, Tigris, is arguably one of the best shotguns in the game. It deals high amounts of damage in bulk and comes in 3 variants.


This is the base version of the Tigris, which can be crafted at Mastery Rank 4 for 25k credits, 3 orokin cells, 900 circuits, 1200 salvage, and 1200 rebedo. It’s blueprint costs 40k credits, but don’t fret, its worth every single one. It’s base stats don’t seem that great, but with this build, it can carry you through a sortie without trouble.

Sancti Tigris:

This variant is obtainable through the New Loka syndicate at Master Rank 12, or by purchasing it in trade chat at MR 12. This version of the Tigris has increased base stats, and a built in ability that heals its user and deals corrosive damage to enemies within it’s radius.

Tigris Prime:

The Prime variant of the Tigris has even higher stats than the Sancti Tigris, and can be obtained through trading or relic farming (at the time of this guide’s creation, maybe vaulted by the time you see this) at MR 13.

*Tigris Prime in the hands of my Inaros*

Do I need Forma?


The regular Tigris comes with no polarity slots, so you will be needing 4 forma. You will need to have 2 Madurai slots (commonly known as v polarity), 1 Naramon slot (aka dash polarity), and one Vazarin (aka D polarity) slot.

Sancti Tigris:

The Sancti variant comes with 3 of the aforementioned polarity slots, so you will only be needing 1 forma. You will need to use your forma to make an additional v polarity slot.

Tigris Prime:

The Prime variant comes with 2 polarity slots already, so you will need 2 Forma. Use these Forma to make an additional v slot and a D slot.

NOTE: You will need to potato (Orokin Catalyst) your Tigris alongside the Forma in order to complete this build!

The Mods

A build isn’t any good without mods right? So here are the mods I use on my Tigris builds, which makes me a formidable force on any team.

(Primed) Point Blank:

Point blank is the Serration of shotguns, the base damage percentage modifier. You will fill one of your v slots with Primed Point Blank (or sub for regular Point Blank if you don’t have the Primed one). The Primed variant will take 7 capacity when fully upgraded.

Hell’s Chamber:

The Split Chamber of shotguns, this mod gives you 120% multishot (more bullets basically) when maxed. This mod will be put in the other v slot, taking up 8 capacity.

Chilling Reload:

This is a Nightmare mod that gives you +60% cold damage and +40% reload speed. This mod only costs 5 capacity when maxed, and so does not need a polarity slot.


This is another nighmare mod, which gives you +60% fire damage and +60% damage. This mod does not need a polarity slot and costs 9 capacity when maxed.

Accelerated Blast:

This is yet another nightmare mod. This mod gives you +60% fire rate and +60% puncture damage. The mod costs 9 capacity when maxed and does not need a polarity slot.

Vicious Spread:

This is a corrupted mod, which gives you +90% damage, but +60% spread (basically reduced accuracy, but for shotguns).

Incendiary Coat:

This is an elemental damage mod which will take up your dash polarity slot. This mod only costs 6 when in its slot and gives you +90% heat damage.

Chilling Grasp:

This is another elemental damage mod. This mod only takes 6 capacity when fitted into your D polarity slot. This mod gives you 90% cold damage.

*The build on my Sancti Tigris*

So, how does this build work? Well, it essentially maximizes the amount of damage potential of the Tigris. Using Blaze with Chilling reload, you get 120% blast damage, and with the other 2 elemental mods, your blast damage increases even more. And thanks to Vicious Spread, Primed Point Blank, and Blaze, this blast damage is multiplied even further. As I mentioned before, spread is essentially decreasing accuracy, however, increased spread is actually a good thing on the Tigris, with multishot and godly damage, more spread = more enemies killed. Curtesy of Hell’s Chamber, you get a 46.9% status chance! And thanks to Chilling Reload, the build has integrated reload speed, meaning you can rek more often. Accelerated Blast does little more than increase the total damage output, but it does give you super speed firing, which helps annihilate enemies that don’t die from one round super quickly.

The build revolves around blast damage, but it’s backed up by sheer amounts of it, and Tigris’s inate high slash damage. The key to ammunition and reload management is to utilize the Tigris’s special trigger function, press LMB once and hold, firing one round, then re-aim and release, firing your second round. You can also bound scroll to fire as an alternate method for quicker firing, but you have no control over your second round. If you need to maximize damage to a single target, you will have to get up close since there is high spread, so you should have your melee weapon near at hand in case you miss or become surrounded by enemies.


This build is very high aggro, and not for the faint of heart, but so is the Tigris at its base. If you don’t like getting up close, you should carry a decent secondary and only use Tigris if you get confronted by a big mob. The Tigris has its place in everyone’s arsenal, but for some it just isn’t a must have. Follow your heart and find a weapon that suits you best, or another build if this isn’t for you. As for me, my high aggro playstyle loves this weapon, and it always finds its place on my Sortie loadout (unless its a non-shotgun mission of course).

Enjoy your new Tigris!

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