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Wolf Creds & Nitain Extract – Warframe

Warframe Nitain Extract

I need 50,000 more Nightwave standing before I can get the one Nitain Extract needed to complete a craft. This is fucking absurd.

Here’s the several reasons for why it’s bad:

  1. Why is there literally no other method for getting Nitain Extract? Wtf DE?
  2. Wolf Creds are too far spread out in the Nightwave reward tiers.
  3. Why do Nitain Extracts need to be bought in bulk? meaning we NEED to wait for the next reward tier, instead of being able to buy individual ones with left over creds from the last tier?
  4. Too punishing to people that fuck up without realizing it.
  5. Nightwave challenges are heavily time gated. I finished all the weeklies in 4 days, and now I’m just sitting there waiting for days… Just so I can get 15 fucking wolf creds, for 1 fucking Nitain Extract.
  6. Nitain Extracts are used for crafting too many things… Either make them more accessible, not time gated, or less frequently required. This is a terrible fucking combination of mechanics.
  7. Most new players won’t be able to finish all their weekly challenges anyways, meaning they’re even more fucked… Need to craft a new Warframe? Tough shit mate. Good luck waiting an entire month, in order to acquire 1 fucking resource.
  8. They used to spawn 3-4 times DAILY with the old alert system.
  9. Nitain Extract now comes with opportunity cost. Meaning picking it makes you lose out on other potential rewards you may have needed, like reactors/catalysts/auras which are hard to come by as a new player.
  10. Fuck this. It’s fucking stupid.

Sure, if you do the math, maybe you can end up with more Nitain Extracts at the end of 2 or 3 months compared to before. But that’s not how the game should work.

Specially not for a resource like this which is required to craft new Warframes.

Possible solutions

  1. Give 10ish Wolf Creds per reward tier, regardless of the other rewards… Remove the “big” wolf cred rewards if needed for balancing purposes.
  2. Give other methods of acquiring Nitain Extract, which isn’t so heavily time gated.

Pick one.

Seems pretty fucking straight forward right? How did DE not think about this?

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