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Zephyr: Turbulence Augment Build – Warframe

Warframe Zephyr

That’s a Zephyr Mobility build focused in her 3° Ability ~Turbulence~ Augmented with Jet Stream.

Getting Started

First of all:

If you’re looking for a cheap build, that’s definitely not the right place, unless you improvise with this build as base;

Ok, so as I said this build is about Zephyr Turbulence and it’s augment, it’s a build based on Mobility and Self Defense;

Jet Stream Mod can be obtained From New Loka Or Red Veil (Once you Reach Syndicates Max Rep.) for 25k Standing;


Ok, some mods here are pretty hard to get and to Maximize… so feel free to change some of them;

Important Mods (Preferably Not to be Changed):

  • Jet Stream;
  • (Primed)Continuity;
  • Rage;

Jet Stream, is the Turbulence Augment so obviously can’t be switched.

Continuity or it’s primed version, are needed to maximize Turbulence duration, so you have lesser chances to run out of it in a bad moment.

Rage, Will help you refill your energy at bad situations, so you have a chance to strike back.

  • Switchable:

Rejuvenation: if you don’t have all required mods maxed and got some free points to spent, if you formaed your Zephyr and feel comfortable without Health Regen; Recommended: Energy Syphon (If you like to see your energy always full); Steel Charge (if you’re a melee fanatic);

Vitality: People Usually prefer Redirection for Zephyr but for this build you will be immune to almost any physical damage and still susceptible for some condition damages that can hit through your shields;Recommended: Redirection (If you’re confident with Zephyr’s low base health); Vigor: (I don’t know why you would use it, but fell free).

  • Utility mods that can may be switchable too:

Narrow Minded, Fortitude and Streamline: Look I don’t recommend switching them… But… if you feel like Your (Prime) Continuity can give you a good Turbulence Duration you can get some other utility mod instead of Narrow Minded. About Fortitude I personally find it pretty important if you’re running Rejuvenation as aura, low shields, u know… And Streamline you can switch too if you have a good (Primed) flow that can satisfy your Turbulence Energy thirst.

*Narrow Minded will lower your shield range so try Maxing other Duration mods and run Narrow Minded at levels 3,4, max. 5;

Gameplay And Loadout

Warframe Zephyr

I Personally use this build For Solo and Fast Missions as Capture, Crossfire, Deception, Exterminate, Sabotage, Rescue and Spy.

If your team is not whiling to camp, if you soloing use it in other missions as Survival, it can be really fun to try and see how much you can hold on.

I Tested this build at T4 Sabotage and it satisfied me, I personally like to run Boar, but if you like Bows and hate to play stealth, have problems with your arrows travel time, you should try this build, since Jet Stream will increase your projectile velocity by 100%.

If you’re running Steel Charge instead of Rejuv Aura, you should try a fast weapon as Tipedo (This one is my fav., just build it with Berserk and Rekt everyone), Orthos, Bo.

About it’s gameplay, no secrets here, it’s fast paced, try always switching from Range to Melee, and be careful to no run out of energy by using your first ability ‘Tail Wind’ to reach enemies, try using coptering or other melee combos to reach ’em.


Good Look and Have Fun trying it C: that was my first guide. I’ve decided to do it because people always focus on warframe’s main abilities and they miss all the fun by repeatedly pressing something and camping.

Recently I’ve been soloing some ”End game” warframe stuff to discover frames and see the fun they can offer you, I found this build comfortable and fun, so I decided to share it.

I know it’s a pretty simple guide but I did it with love.

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