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Battleheart Android
  • Name: Battleheart
  • Category: Role-Playing, RPG, Strategy, RPG, Shooting
  • Developer: Mika Mobile
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Requires Android: 2.3+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

Battleheart is a fascinating 2D-game for fans of battles with the most simple gameplay and convenient management. The game is so simple that it does not even have a main menu, and at the same time so entertaining that enjoys a considerable success among players around the world.

The 2D-graphics replace the traditional recently 3D, which not only do not spoil the game but on the contrary, they make it better. Extra special effects were removed and only the most important things that make the game look like the good old classic role-playing games were left. Even if it is not the most colorful game, the animation is quite attractive. All that it remains is to choose your character and start fighting your opponents, each of which has its own characteristics, skills, and capabilities.

Battleheart consists of a series of battles that are combined into a single series. All the action takes place in a fictional world where your characters will fight enemies on different levels. The game world is filled with all sorts of characters, traditional for this genre, such as skeletons, mice, orcs, spiders, and all evil creatures. All this is accompanied by sound, which can be easily configured in the appropriate section of the game menu.

The game is quite simple, clear good old classics in modern processing. The age limit is nominal – 7+, but parents should take into account that the plot itself provides violence even if in mild form.

The world of the game is very large and danger awaits at every corner in the form of monsters, wild animals, and other players. Defeat enemies and get valuable items for your soldiers.

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