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Stickman Dismounting

Stickman Dismounting Android
  • Name: Stickman Dismounting
  • Category: Simulation, Action, Shooting, Games with physics
  • Developer: ViperGames
  • Current Version: 2.1
  • Requires Android: 2.3+
  • Updated: 06.06.2019

Game description

Stickman Dismount – a game for Android about Stickman, for those who are already tired of being a hero and save anyone, here you must deal with the radically opposite. At your disposal is the character of the game Stick, who is a bad stuntman. Your goal is to make sure that he was injured as much as possible in one level. To do this, the game provides a huge variety of transport.

For example, a trolley from a supermarket, a bed or a chair. Some of these are different from the traditional means of transportation, of course. But this only the beginning!

You will have a huge choice of various tricks and unpleasant surprises which can be placed on the route before descent. Check what will happen if you put a brick wall in the way of the hero or place a chainsaw or some dynamite. Remember: the worse obstacles, the more you get for points and money to purchase new surprises for the track or a new furious transport.

Download Stickman Dismounting for Android

Download Stickman Dismounting MOD (unlimited coins) v2.1

Download Stickman Dismounting MOD (unlimited coins) v2.0

Download Stickman Dismounting MOD (unlimited coins) v1.4

Download Stickman Dismounting from Google Play

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