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Critical Ops

Critical Ops Android

This is a three-dimensional online shooter that invites you to take part in street battles. The game requires Internet access.

Gameplay Features

Critical Ops Mod

As you might have guessed, the game is another clone of the famous Counter-Strike. The game is sure to appeal to all fans of the legendary “Contra” the more. Here, you can download Critical Ops with cheats. You will be able to choose the side of the conflict: you can play as special forces and for the terrorists.

Start the game and select the server you would like to play on. Almost all game locations are designed for 20 players – 10 fighters on each side. However, there are some cards on which you can play ten.

As for weapons, it is almost completely identical to the original. The game interface is quite simple and clear, so there should be absolutely no difficulties with its development.

Indicators of armor and health are at the top left of the screen. Below is the ammo indicator. New protective gear must be purchased for each round, but for fans of “CS”, it will not be news.

This shooter will please you with dynamic battles, high-quality graphics, and fun gameplay. In general, this clone may well compete with the original “CS”.

Hacking Critical Ops

Critical Ops Hack

For people who want to have an advantage or just appreciate their time, a Hack for Critical Ops was invented to get a lot of gold fast and buy various items in the game. You can download Mod Apk Critical Ops for Android from the link below. Install Hack is simple, just need to download it to your mobile device or tablet and install like other applications.

The cheat menu contains:

  • Radar – shows enemies on the minimap;
  • You can change the sight;
  • Ability to show the scale of the health of enemies;
  • Auto aim at the nearest enemy (there is a possibility of a ban!).

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