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Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival – multiplayer third-person action with elements of survival- In the story, the player is thrown out of the plane to the island, where he found himself a few dozen of the same players. All of them have to survive in this place, constantly being in search of resources, food, and weapons.

At the same time, you need to destroy everything that moves with the help of a huge Arsenal of weapons: from pistols to sniper rifles. Also, it is possible to ride a jeep here, but you need to be careful because in the bushes the enemy may well be sitting down with a grenade launcher.

Rules of Survival for PC

Rules of Survival PC


Very powerful hack on Rules of Survival with huge features Aimbot, Esp Box, WallHack, Esp Line and other visual features that will help you take first place, as I did, winning 5 matches! In addition, the cheat is a very convenient and pleasant menu in which you cannot only turn on the functions you need but also customize the color of visual functions such as Esp Box, Esp line, Esp Skillet, etc.

Rules of Survival for Android

Rules of Survival Android

With Hack for Rules of Survival on weapons and immortality, you will increase your chances of survival. The popularity of this online game is not due to only its pretty good graphics and exciting plot but also hacked Rules of Survival that are available for Android devices and computers, which give you the opportunity to play in absolutely anywhere.

You can download Mod Apk Rules of Survival for free from our website. This game has probably only one defect, which complicates the passage, but you can also bypass it with the help of Hack, allowing you to get a lot of money and other bonuses.

The shooter is improved every week: there is a new weapon, transport, and the map gradually increases. Every day, there are new players, and your main task is to be in the top lines of a rating among players.

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