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Courier 6: Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas Courier

SPOILER ALERT for anyone who has yet to play this game or its DLCs.

Fallout New Vegas Mods

Courier 6 of the Mojave Express starts out as a simple delivery courier, delivering messages and packages across the wasteland that was at one time known as the Mojave Desert of Nevada, but is now the Mojave Wasteland of 2281.

For the purposes of this discussion, we will be assuming the Courier is maxed out in every stat, and at their peak in every way, at least in regards to what is possible in the game.

Feats: With the Main quest, important side quests, and DLC, and dialogue in mind, The Courier is stated to have traveled from as far as California, to Utah, to Nevada, to even Denver. By walking. In addition, the Courier has at most, convinced 2 factions that would today be the size of small countries to leave Nevada, as it is the Courier’s territory now, kill the most influential and powerful person in all of New Vegas, Mr. House, and convince five different tribes/factions to assist the Courier in the creation of a new nation.

Dead Money

DLC Dead Money: The Courier survives in a villa where their only allies are a mostly deranged super mutant, a mute woman, and an old world zombie singer. Also with a collar around the neck that explodes if too close to a radio. And poison gas that covers the entire villa which kills in seconds. And the inhabitants, which are feral humans who don’t die until you cut their limbs off. Also the Courier survives this and then kills the guy who brought them there, freeing themselves, and stealing a lot of gold and money.

Honest Hearts

Honest Hearts: Later, the Courier walks to Utah, enters Zion Canyon, and assists two entire tribes in evacuating from their enemy tribe, the White Legs. Also has to survive the wildlife. Although to be totally honest, the Courier and Joshua Graham, a man who was set on fire, thrown off the Grand Canyon and survived, could have easily killed the White Leg tribe. They are given the choice not to because it would ruin the innocence of the Tribes they are trying to evacuate. The Courier either chooses to destroy the White Legs or convince Joshua to let them go, as if Joshua is not convinced, he goes on to kill the entire tribe.

Old World Blues

Old World Blues: Later still, the Courier is abducted and taken to an old world laboratory where the best and brightest scientists in the old world researched new and innovative methods of winning the Great War, which caused the Fallout world to be the way it is. The Courier then battles corpses locked in suits that force them to kill others, robotic scorpions with lasers for stingers and crusher claws, and a bigger version of said robotic scorpions, which is strong enough to tank shots from the hand held mini nuke launcher. Oh right and brainless test subjects who have long since gone insane and have opted to kill the Courier. Also The Courier has been lobotomized, and is thus, brainless, spineless, and heartless. Which on the plus side, gives the benefits of being undetectable by enemy robots, immune to poisons and drug addiction, and can no longer be crippled and gives a permanent strength bonus. Although you do get the option to retrieve the original body parts at the end.

Lonesome Road

Lonesome Road: Lastly, the Courier enters The Divide, a ravine in the earth, formed when hundreds of kiloton-megaton yield nuclear warheads exploded underground when they received an activation signal and their silos failed to open. The land is extremely hostile, the weather alone features sandstorms that tear the flesh off of people unless they’re covered head to toe in armor, and bathed in enough radiation to kill in minutes. Also it’s inhabited by ghoulified (basically zombies formed by radiation) soldiers called marked men, armed with machineguns, rocket launchers, miniguns, Anti-Materiel rifles, you name it. Also their health regenerates in radiation. And don’t forget the Tunnelers, mutated humanoid creatures that can rip apart even the marked men and deathclaws easily. For context, deathclaws are mutated creatures with enough strength to cleave men wearing full combat armor in half. Also the Tunnelers breed fast, hunt in packs, and it’s implied they will eventually make their way from the Divide to the rest of the world, and undoubtedly kill a lot of people. In the Divide, the Courier, alone, fights all of these and more, and fights the man who it turns out, is responsible for causing a lot of problems, from being behind why the Courier was shot and almost killed at the start of the game, to being responsible for almost every problem in the aforementioned DLCs. Ulysses also has a 10 in every S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat (see below) and is assisted by robotic drones which heal him and hurt you. Also he wields an automatic 12.7mm submachinegun and behind the Courier are the marked men, who want to kill him. Anyways, the Courier, badass he is, wins and then either hacks into a computer and stops, redirects, or targets the major factions in the Mojave with enough nuclear missiles to damage the surrounding area for up to a century.

Durability: To give an idea of how many hits the Courier can take before going down, the game starts with the Courier being shot in the head twice at point blank range with a 9 millimeter handgun, being buried, and then dug up several hours later and then surviving the surgery with either no or little brain damage.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Standing for Strength, Perception, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck respectively, the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system is the Fallout game’s method for judging a character’s overall stats. It maxes out at 10 for each, meaning it is impossible to have a perception of 11 and so on. If completely maxed the courier is able to:

Strength to carry at most, 400 pounds of equipment, while still maintaining the ability to run and jump very quickly. Outright intimidate most people as the Courier is strong enough to take on super mutants in unarmed combat and win.

Perception that can detect hostiles long before they are in visual range, and assists in landing devastating shots on enemies.

Endurance high enough to make fighting deathclaws in close quarters combat survivable and winnable.

Charismatic enough to intimidate mercenaries that fighting the Courier would be worse than fighting almost 10 feet tall mutants with machineguns and rocket launchers. Or to convince an army general to take his entire army and leave the most strategically important device in the entire Mojave, Hoover Dam. Oh wait sorry, The Courier is able to do that TWICE.

Intelligent enough to hack into U.S. Military grade computers, shut down hostile combat robots, and in general makes him one of, if not the smartest human in the entire wasteland in terms of common sense, knowledge, and wisdom.

Agility allows the Courier to, with the help of the Pip-Boy 3000 computer on their wrist, entire a sort of bullet-time trance to target enemies with lethal efficiency, draw a weapon in the blink of an eye, and does exactly what it implies: makes the Courier the fastest, most agile threat on the battlefield.

Luck is one of the most important stats, maxed, the Courier is lucky enough to blind fire with a horrendously inaccurate weapon at enemies, and still score devastating hits, whereas the hostiles would constantly be missing and only scoring glancing hits. Most famously, Luck is used to gamble at the casinos and win so many times they forbid you from gambling. Can perform surgery without actually knowing anything and perform it successfully. Guess a password on the first try and get it right. Han Solo level luck.

Skills: Should a skilled player max out his potential, (They cap at 100, sorry about using this image that plies it goes above that, couldn’t find any others.) he is capable of becoming the best sharpshooter, mechanic, survivalist, doctor, and locksmith. He is also a master at bartering, the handling of all types of energy weapons, melee weapons (extremely deadly with anything, from a sledgehammer to an industrial strength cutting torch) the use of explosives, one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable scientists in the world, sneaky enough that s/he is all but invisible, could convince almost anyone to do anything with a maxed out speech skill, and could beat just about anyone in unarmed fighting.

Fallout New Vegas Light Armor

Equipment: The Courier is capable of acquiring and utilizing power armor. To give an idea of how strong Fallout power armor is, in lore, it was designed to replace main battle tanks for the United States. It was extremely successful. Not only that, there are other armors, Riot armors, which are light enough o allow the user to remain agile and have built in night vision, but are still very much bulletproof and durable. He gains access to the Tesla cannon, which can disintegrate anything in one shot, or if it can’t, it badly scorches it. Hand-held nuke launchers, missile launchers, gatling guns, .50 caliber AM rifle, plasma and laser rifles/pistols/artillery pieces, grenade launchers/machine guns, flamethrowers, Arc welders, time bombs, landmines, C-4, chainsaws, knives, swords, spears, Throwing axes that destroy robots on contact, a sword that is on fire and coated with gasoline, piston based power fists, a thermic lance, a railgun, and so much more. Also as mentioned before, if the Courier is maxed, the Courier is a master at using every single one of those weapons I mentioned, and many more, those were just the most powerful ones that come to mind. Also he gets a drum fed fully automatic rocket launcher at the end of Lonesome Road, so there’s that.

Miscellaneous: Should the Courier opt to (which we will say s/he will as this is a peak courier) the Courier has the opportunity to become a cyborg. As in, purchase cybernetic implants that increase every S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat by one. Then proceed to buy implants that allow accelerated regeneration from even the most grievous wounds, and strengthen the skin to the point of where while its not bulletproof, the Courier’s skin is now durable enough to take hits that would normally leave bruises and cuts and now show no noticeable damage at all. Furthermore, if the Courier travels to the Big MT, they receive Implants that allow them to move much faster while sneaking, remove radiation from drinking contaminated water, and regenerate from wounds and replenish adrenaline when simply eating food. Oh right, and a bonus damage stat against cazadores, the mutated wasps that can kill a grown man with one sting. In addition, through other side quests, the Courier has seen some truly horrific things, from an isolated community being told they had to elect to kill one of them or they’d all die, to fighting abominations like the night stalker, cazadore, deathclaw, tunneler, marked men, ghost people, and more. Courier 6 by the end of the game should the player take both violent and diplomatic methods, killed thousands of armed soldiers, aforementioned abominations, and much worse. It is a wonder that s/he is not afflicted with PTSD after all they have been through, yet the Courier fights on.

Side note: The Hostile life forms of the wasteland are nothing to laugh it. The vast majority of people on earth today don’t have a chance in hell at surviving a single week. I mean, aside from fire breathing geckos, spore carriers, giant ants (they also breathe fire), giant scorpions with nigh bulletproof carapaces and fatal stings, and feral ghouls, they’d still have to contend with living in what amounts to the Mojave Desert. Except now with more gamma radiation, more bandits, less safe communities, and other horrific fates that await the unaware in the wasteland.

Img 1:

Super Mutants also deserve an honorable mention. A long time ago before the war, a company called West-Tek was hired by the United States government to produce bioweapons. One of which was called FEV, forced evolutionary virus. It transformed humans into things like this (img 1). The newly christened super mutants were formed in some remote locations in the midwest, but more notably, the east and west coast. Although the East coast variants suffered from a decrease in overall intelligence, the ones the courier encounters are of the West coast variety.

The West coast super mutants are strong enough to tank entire magazines of ammunition, wrench the gun out of whoever fired at them, and beat them to death with it. They are also insanely smart, moreso than a regular human. They are in general far more capable at enduring injuries, and their physical strength is easily five times that of a human, even strong ones, and are considered to be a massive threat to even veterans.

Unless of course, you’re motherfucking Courier Six, in which case, if you so desire, you get the option to take down an entire army of super mutants twice, once at Black Mountain, and once at Jacobstown.

Admittedly, the average wastelander would only really encounter half those things, but the Courier meets swarms of all of them, and wins every time.

Remember the deathclaws? To put things in perspective, in lore standards, T-51B Power Armor is strong enough that a single soldier wearing it was strong enough to take on military occupied camps and teams could slaughter bases with very little difficulty.

A Deathclaw could cut power armor soldiers in half with one strike.

Oh right, and to add to feats, at one point in the game, The Courier, alone, walks into a massive quarry that’s filled with at least 20 deathclaws, an alpha deathclaw, a mother deathclaw, and her babies, and he doesn’t win, he destroys them. It wasn’t even a contest. If you so wished, a player could do it unarmed, and still win.

Fallout 3 Perks

Oh right, and perks. Some of the best perks in the game include solar powered, which regenerates HP in sunlight and makes the Courier much stronger, Grim Reaper’s sprint, which means the more people you kill the faster you get in combat, Rad absorption, even if severely poisoned with gamma radiation, the Courier loses this radiation rapidly over time. Is smart enough to take tin cans and scrap metal and create bullets out of them, gains MASSIVE amounts of health if he has good karma and is level 50, gains yet another cybernetic implant, this one is not addictive and allows for bullet time. Extremely versatile and can be activated at a moment’s notice.

I would post pictures of what my character looks like, but due to mods my Courier is about 6’8″ And has way more perks is way over the max level limit. So are the enemies but I don’t want to spread false information.

TLDR: The Courier is stronger than batman, has cybernetic augmentations. Is a sharpshooter on par with Deadeye, more charismatic than the most famous of politicians, and as lucky as Han Solo. Courier 6 is OP.

Well, this was my first time on respect threads. How’d I do?

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