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Where do you mine nitrate powder underground? 7 Days to Die

7 Days To Die Nitrate Powder

I’ve seen it spawn in deposits on top of the burnt biome but I haven’t found one yet. Where’s the best place underground?


There are two indicators as to what ore is underground:

  • Surface deposits

  • When you dig the gravel-looking patches on the ground, you’ll get trace amounts of an ore as well.

Each biome has one specific ore that generates naturally. All biomes contain iron.

  • Nitrate: Snow and Wasteland

  • Coal: Burnt Forest and Plains

  • Lead: Maple Forest and Pine Forest

  • Oil Shale: Desert

At some point in time, they also added “mini biomes” which aren’t biomes per-se, but they are veins of an ore that is outside of its categorical biome. These veins may or may not have surface deposits that lead to them and are generally the source of confusion about which biomes have what.

As a tip: I try to find a place on the map where two or more categoric biomes intersect. That way one mine can lead you to multiple resources.

Additional tip: Bedrock is at -57, which you can see your elevation on the map. Dig down to -50 for the best chances to find your ore.

Last tip: build your mines on the edge of the desert leading into the biome you want. Digging in sand is way faster, then you can punch through laterally to get the ore you want.

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