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Bring Fallout 3 (Mod List)

Fallout 3 Best Mods

After playing through Fo4 a few times I decided to go back and do a playthrough of Fo3… Most of the mods I’m using are graphical tweaks with a few gameplay adjustments, but in my opinion, just these few changes makes the game feel entirely new…

Let me know what you think:

  • NMM
  • FOSE
  • LAAE
  • Unofficial Patch
  • RH Iron Sights
  • Enhanced Camera
  • Sprint Mod
  • FPS Grenade/Knife Hotkey
  • DK_BulletTime
  • NCMs Texture Pack
  • Fallout 3 Flora Overhaul
  • UHQ Terrain Overhaul
  • DC Moods
  • PureWater
  • Interface Mod Revelation
  • Pipboy 2500
  • Pipboy 2500 Hires
  • No Scan Lines Pipboy
  • Colored Hi-Res Map
  • aHUD
  • Fallout 3 Redesigned
  • EVE
  • DCInterior Project
  • Metro Carriage Interiors
  • Fallout Street Lights
  • Enhanced Blood Textures
  • SmoothLight
  • Realistic Interior Lighting
  • Megaton Lighting Overhaul
  • Megaton Walkway
  • Auto Gates
  • Crowded Cities
  • Rivet City FPS
  • Rivet City Merchants
  • NPCs Travel
  • Fort Independence Redesigned
  • Stop Insulting Me Outcasts
  • GNR Enhanced
  • Vandr HD Creatures
  • Swampfolk Backwater Retexture
  • Robot Revolution
  • Semi-transparent Door Glass (MANUAL INSTALL)
  • Wasteland clothing Hires retexture (MANUAL INSTALL)
  • Better Booze
  • Raider Grafitti Re-done
  • Retextured Labels
  • What’s Your Brand
  • Better Clutter and Furniture
  • Sandbag Retexture
  • Better HiRes Skill Books
  • Pre-War Money Retexture
  • Better PreWar and Burned Books
  • Enhanced Night Sky
  • Workbench Retextured
  • HD Terminals
  • Hectrol Lock Interface
  • Glowing Quantum
  • Hi-Res Weapons
  • Bornagain T45d
  • Bornagain T51b
  • Bornagain Outcast
  • Bornagain Combat Armor
  • Enclave DX
  • Tesla DX
  • Hellfire DX
  • Tribal DX
  • Killable Children
  • Stutter Remover
  • Tree LOD

All mods can be downloaded from the website

Retextured Springvale street with NCMs, UHQ, Flora Overhaul and DC Moods…

Megaton at night with Megaton Walkway, Megaton Lighting Overhaul, NCMs, DC Moods, and Enhanced Night Sky…

Inside Moriarty’s with NCMs, Realistic Interior Lighting, Fallout 3 Redesigned and Glowing Quantums…

Pipboy 2500 with a Hi-res texture as well as Colored Hi-res Map and No Scan Lines…

Revelation UI mod…

A basic settler using Fallout 3 Redesigned and Wasteland Clothing Hi-res (New Vegas)…

Retextured Power Armor from the Bornagain series…

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