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Is the Churchill VI worth it? WoT Blitz

World Of Tanks Churchill VI

Is the Churchill VI worth it?


For a Tier 6 premium, 29.99 seems like a lot, it is. But is that a reason not to buy this tank? Yes.


Imagine a Churchill III at tier 6 with a better gun, better turret, and side armor to gloat about, that’s the Churchill VI, against its counterpart, the Churchill VII, you are pretty much the same tank but with more weak points. Speed is well…… a Churchill, but I assume you don’t buy it for its speed. Gun performance is great… for a tier 6 heavy. You will be penetrated, that’s a given, just be sure to angle your armor just right. Speaking of angling the hull traverce is quite favorable.


Cheap ammo, costs 100 silver per shot with 109-181mm of pen, APCR costs 2800 per shot with 152 to 252mm of pen making it viable in an uptier, and HE is pretty much useless unless you like critting modules, also has the added bonus of costing 56 silver. Credit gain is standard amongst other T6 premiums.


In the end its a Tier 6 premium that costs 29.99, if you like how Churchills play, than the Churchill VI is the epitome of the Churchill line. If you like either long range sniping, point defense, flat armor, or just something different, the Churchill VI is for you. And yes sadily I own one.

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