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Guide for the Delicate Flower Quest – Hollow Knight

A very useful guide to achieving the “Solace” Achievement.

Overview of This Guide

I would like to start by saying this – YOU CANNOT RUSH THIS SECTION.

Follow the path on the map.

This quest took me a good 3 hours to complete. I found out the hard way about several interactions that the flower has, and for your convenience I will list them for you:

Things That DON’T Work

Carefree Melody: I found out the hard way that, while this it indeed has a chance to prevent you from taking a hit, even if this triggers, the flower still gets destroyed.

Dreamshield: Sounds good on paper, but in reality this charm hurts just as much as it helps. While this charm is good for lucky projectile blocks, one hit enemies like Oomas or Violent Husks make this charm a pain in areas where space is an issue. This is especially true on the most efficient path to beat this quest.

Glowing Womb: Useful for telling enemy locations, not useful for the constant soul drainage and unnecessary enemy engagements.

Bench Cheese: You can’t rest on the bench in the Queen’s Gardens, go get the flower, then exit the game and reenter the game with the flower at the Queen’s Gardens. While you are in possession of an UNDESTROYED Flower anytime you leave your current game session and come back, you will automatically respawn next to the bench at the Grey Mourner’s house.

Most Transportation: Taking the Stag Stations or Dreamgate will automatically destroy the flower, this is literally said by the Grey Mourner and in the Delicate Flower info text.

Things That DO Work

Clearing a Path: On the run before I beat this quest, I got hit right at the end of the quest. Instead of taking the dreamgate back, I decided to go on ahead to the end and clear out all the enemies there. Then I made my way back to the Grey Mourner’s house on the same path I took, clearing out all potential threats and enemies along the way. The most important step here is that you do not rest at a bench, as doing so makes all enemies respawn.

Hotsprings: Use hotsprings to regain soul and heal masks instead of benches. Using hotsprings doesn’t cause enemies to respawn.

Taking the Tram: The tram does not cause the flower to be destroyed. I only wish I had figured that one out sooner.

Placing a Dreamgate by the Grey Mourner’s House: Placing a dreamgate by the Grey Mourner’s house is unbelievably useful. if you screw up, simply take the dreamgate back to go get another flower. It is also worth noting that taking a dreamgate does not reset enemies.

What Build to Use to Complete This Quest

I recommend that before you try this quest that you have at least 2 nail upgrades and all eleven charm slots. All eleven are required to use the following build:

Baldur Shell: Good for if you think you might take damage since you can still focus your soul if you have full health. The flower will not be destroyed if you block damage this way.

Gruberfly’s Elegy: Very useful for taking out enemies from afar. This extra range will be crucial for clearing without taking damage.

Spore Shroom: Useful for clearing enemies that are around walls that may be risky to take on with your nail.

Sharp Shadow: Increases the range of your Shadow Dash. Very useful since while you are shadow dashing you can’t take damage.

Nail Master’s Glory: I found this useful for taking out weaker enemies that had the chance to screw you over towards the end of the quest. Especially Mantis Petras, I lost many runs to them.

Thorn’s of Agony: This is very useful since if you focus your soul with Baldur Shell and get hit, it still triggers the thorns of agony. This greatly increases the effectiveness of Baldur Shell.

Wayward Compass: Let’s face it – this is a quest where knowing where you are is crucial.

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