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Lego Worlds Codes

Lego Worlds Codes

This guide is about the codes for Lego Worlds.

First of all, what are these codes for?

The codes unlock extra content for the game (at the time only 5 vehicles) or all windows or bricks.

How to activate/enter them

To activate a code you have to load your savegame, now you are at the screen where you can join your world etc., now you have to click on the 4. icon from the left side.

Now a field appears where you can enter the codes.

(if you use a controller you can enter them also with your keyboard it’s much faster)

Then you confirm it, and you’ll get the confirmation that the code unlocked something.

How to use the unlocked things?

To use them you join your world and enter the menu to spawn in something, look for the unlocked things and you can “buy” them for free.

List of codes


  • P42FJ6 Police Car (LEGO City)
  • BG7DWK Getaway Car (LEGO City)
  • U98BR2 Pizza Van (LEGO City)
  • XP3BN2 Lance‚Äôs Driller (NEXO KNIGHTS)
  • LY9C8M Lock & Roller (NEXO KNIGHTS)
  • ND284C Jungle Buggy
  • PPA72V Police Tuk Tuk
  • VN4MHZ Barbarian
  • TJPZLV Chinese New Year Dog
  • NA3ZKE Toy Soldier
  • 8B3VEQ Pink Convertible
  • XP76VF Jungle Cargo Helicopter
  • X29VTY Monster Scientist (Monster Pack)


  • BR1CK5 unlocks all bricks for building
  • F1XTRS unlocks all doors and windows


If you have any questions just ask me down in the comments.

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