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M7 Medium Tank – World Of Tanks Blitz

World Of Tanks M7 Medium Tank

A Quick Guide on the M7 Medium Tank.

About the M7 Medium Tank

Development started in 1941. Initially, the vehicle was developed as a light tank; however, as the model gradually received extra armor and armaments, it was reclassified as a medium tank. Production of the M7 started by the fall of 1942. However, since the M7 was inferior to the mass-produced M4 Sherman in all parameters except speed and dimensions, the production was stopped. A total of 7 vehicles were produced.

The M7 is a T5 medium tank in the American autoloading line. Over its M4 counter part, it offers mobility and a slightly lower profile.

Armor is underwhelming but the Gun Mantle is decent enough to block Pz IV shots. The hull is sloped, it can bounce auto cannons if angled right, which I don’t recommend doing since this tank is better always on the move. Gun performance is decent, with choices of a 75mm or 6 pounder. Following is more detail on engine, gun selection and what way I recommend unlocking everything in this tank.

For this tank I’d fully recommend a mobile setup, as being on the move is the best bet for survival.

Stats of M7


  • Weight: 23.7 tons
  • Engine power 460 Horsepower
  • Speed limit: 60kmh
  • Traverse speed: 58.90 degrees/s
  • Turret traverse: 47.11

Horsepower to Ton Ratio: 19.40 H/T

Fire with 6 per gun.

  • Standard Shell Damage: 68-113
  • Standard Pen: 79-131
  • ROF: 17.97
  • Aiming Time: 4s
  • Dispersion 0.352
  • View Range: 270.3 m
  • DPM: 1617.3 damage per minute

Armor is underwhelming with the max being 51mm on the turret front, althought the hull is rounded in some places, don’t rely on this to be anything more than a fast medium that’s good at flanking.

Research Path

Coming from the M5 Stuart, no parts will be carried over, which means you will have to research everything.

The 1st upgrade you will want is the 6 pounder. It will enable you to be competitive.

The 2nd upgrade you will want the 2nd engine, this is where you will get to be more mobile. The horsepower increases from 350 to 400.

The 3rd upgrade must be the turret. It increases your Rate of Fire. Its weight and Traverse speed decrease, although the Turret Traverse can be made up with Fuel.

The 4th upgrade you will want the last engine. The horsepower increases from 400 to 460.

Tracks come in 5th place as the tank doesn’t require them for all upgrades.

The final upgrades are the 75mm guns.

My Setup

World Of Tanks Blitz HD Texture Pack

My M7 with Provisions and Equipment.


  • Improved Fuel
  • Standard Fuel
  • Case of Cola


  • Medium-Tank GunRammer
  • Improved ventilation
  • Coated Optics

My modules are.

  • 6 pounder
  • Turret m47
  • Engine R-975C4
  • Tracks T48A

My DPM is increased from 1617.3 to 1692.

My engine power is increased from 460 to 519.8

My H/T is increased from 19.40 to 21.93

6 Pounder Stats

6 Pdr Stats. These stats are with my Current Setup

Rate of Fire: 18.8

Reload: 3.19 Seconds


  • AP: 105mm
  • APCR: 170mm

Average DMG

  • AP/APCR: 90

Dispersion: 0.336

Aim Time: 3.8 Seconds

Gun Weight: 450 Kgs

75mm M3

75mm M3 with my current Setup

Rate of Fire: 9.78


  • AP: 92mm
  • APCR: 127mm
  • HE: 38mm

Average DMG

  • AP/APCR: 160
  • HE: 200

Dispersion: 0.401

Aim Time: 3.7 Seconds

Gun Weight: 1437 Kgs

My Gun Opinion

Now that you have the stats of both guns, and have read the research path, you can choose between the 75 or 6 pounder.

The 75 offers lower pen, longer reload, and a higher alpha.

The 6 pounder offers higher pen, faster reload, and a lower alpha

However, the 75 weighs nearly a ton more, and that slows you down, not by much but it changes how mobile you are. In 10 games each with both gun options, I did better with the 6 pounder by a substantial margin.


This tank is a beast for WolfPacks. It lacks a good 75mm that most other t5 mediums have, but it makes up for it in being able to out play many of them. Its armor is abysmal, and doesn’t like HE, but the turret front can be quite annoying for many 75s making this a good ridge line warrior top tier.

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