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Mining in 7 days to die: be prepared

7 Days To Die Mining

Mining in 7 days to die is dangerous. Falling blocks WILL kill you and sometimes even destroy your bag.
Happened to me (2 times actually) and it sucks.

Here’s what you should have with you when mining and nothing else. You can skip on food and water if you are mining for a short period of time.

  • Mining helmet: the crappiest you have, all you need is light.
  • Steel pick axe: the best you can get, can’t play on quality here. Better tool = faster mining.
  • Steel ingots: to repair your pick axe (keep those in a chest in your mine for safety)
  • Wood: for wood frames, of course and a storage chest.

Your storage chest

Always keep in mind that you can get killed so from time to time take 30secs to store are your ore into a chest near your work zone. That way you can mine longer and keep your hard work safe.


Pick your location in advance. Crossing of multiple biomes is ideal. You base should be near and your mine accessible from your base.


Different ores follow veins pattern. Found gravel? Look for iron ore and more.
In this example: Desert biome: iron ore and shale.

Told ya

Broken leg and half-life gone in a sec.

Chest near exit tunnel

Keep your hard work safe.

I like to clean all gravel to have a nice view of where the ore veins are going then mine everything.

Gold? Diamonds? Silver?

All mined. Time to prospect some more.

Result: not bad.


ALWAYS smelt unrefined ore. you get 5 parts compared to 3 from scrapped metal.

Surface mining

You can mine from surface down. I dislike it personally because I had Z’s, literally, fell on my head.
Surface gravel is a good indicator for ore present underground.

Boulders mining

Small stone, iron and since alpha 15 stable: you get 10 coal, 10 lead or 10 nitrate for each broken rock.
Easy access and when the sky’s blue and no Z’s around is a nice change to underground mining.

Little trick. When hitting rocks walk around and look for Z’s.

Happy mining.

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