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Fallout 3 and New Vegas to PS4

There are a few tricks. It will respond to input from any ps4 controller that’s directly wired by USB. You can also register it as a Bluetooth device.

I’ll throw together a quick guide:

  1. Turn off and unplug your ps4, otherwise, connecting the controller to the ps3 will be interrupted by its desire to connect to the ps4.
  2. Turn on the ps3 with a ps3 controller if you have one. This is because the home button is disabled when you use the ps4 controller on ps3. Not sure why.
  3. Start the game now, before connecting the ps4 controller. If you connect the ps4 controller first, the L2 and R2 buttons may not work. Not sure why.
  4. Hit home button, scroll to settings > accessory settings > manage Bluetooth devices > register new device. It remembers all the ps4 controllers you’ll use, but won’t help you differentiate them, so always choose “register new device.”
  5. Hold share and home on the ps4 controller until the lights flash. Finish pairing, then use the ps3 controller to tab back into the game. Once there, hold the ps3 home button until the black-screen menu appears. Controller settings > reassign controller to port 2. This should default the ps4 controller to port 1.
  6. Make sure L2 and R2 work. Start and select are mapped to options and share.

Have fun. I didn’t realize how complicated this was until I had to write about it. Hope it helps!

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