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Habitat Strategy – Stellaris

Stellaris Habitat

Hmmm how do I start this…

Do NOT build habitats on space research resources, its a waste of Research resource.

Habitats double Motes, Gases and Crystal strategic space resource gathering, by building a habitat instead of a mine, you can build mines/wells/plants that yield 2 for each deposit. A 2 space gas deposit turns into a 4-5 gasses with a habitat and 2 wells.

Other good places for habitats are low yielding Material and Energy resources, will allow you to build mining/energy districts. (good in midgame, just let me build up and then use the planet/habitat/ring based decision: population controls, no need to look after them after that)

And why did I start of by saying do not build them on top of research resources? because a Research district on a Habitat gives 3 housing and 3 jobs, which is less then 8 housing from a habitat district plus a research building in a building slot. 3-3 vs 8-8

Sure the 8-8 is a bit more expensive then the 3-3, but you also gain tons more research.
3-3 total research without bonuses 72, using all 6 habitat slots.
8-8 total research without bonuses 160, using the pop from 1 habitat (of 6) for maintenance, (amenities, gasses).
The leisure and trade districts are trash, you gain more from building habitation districts and the trade or leisure buildings you want.

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