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Leviathan Enigmatic Fortress – Stellaris

Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress

A guide through the options of the Enigmatic fortress after its defeat.


Stellaris Dev Diary

It was hard to find a good guide for this, most just mention “follow the right path” and suggest trial and error to discover that right path. But while error results in the fortress ‘restarting’ I noticed I couldn’t attempt entry again after it restarts and was defeated a second time. Which means you need to get it right the first time. And to top it all off, it was very confusing knowing what I needed to do for some of the options.

So here is what you need to do to get ‘rewarded’ for this Leviathan event.

Part 1 Gaining Entry

Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress

You have two options here. Demolitions team (Troop transport) or Local power surge (Science ship)

  • To use the demo team, have your transport research the remains like debris. Your troop transport is destroyed during this event.
  • To use the power surge, select your science ship and do “research projects in the system” from the galactic map. – it costs you 50 energy

Part 2 The Tower

Stellaris Dev Diary

Regardless of which option you picked, you progress to ‘the tower’

  • “Rearrange the metal tori on the poles” all other options fail.

Part 3 The Pivot

You have 4 options here. Home system research, supply dark matter, Use force, and black hole research.

Use force (military ship in close proximity of the fortress, and then you research it in your event log)

Study the local star (Level 1 Scientist at fortress system star required. research the star like debris)

  • Choose “the middle” beginning and end fail.

Supply dark matter (Level 1 scientist in close proximity to the fortress, you need access to the strategic resource dark matter, and then you research it in your event log)

Black hole research (level 5 scientist near any blackhole, research it like debris)


If you used the military ship option System explodes!!!
All the ships/stations/peoples in the system are destroyed.
All planets and moons are transformed into Molten worlds that can not sustain life. (some older versions give you tomb worlds, with high pop limits)

All other options give you ONE Super Tec at random (better then tier 5 research options, older versions would give you all 5 tec options)

+3 Components: Shields, Power, Disruption field (not just a station component)
+2 Accessory: +6 Evasion, and another for +3 to both tracking and targeting

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