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What are your top ten favorite characters to play in MEA MP?

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Classes

It doesn’t have to be the best kits, but your favorite to play. I haven’t seen one of these posts since all the kits have been released.

Mine are below. It was hard to rank them but these are definitely my top ten.

  1. Human Artificer
  2. Human Commando
  3. Human Guardian
  4. Human Juggernaut
  5. Salarian Operator
  6. Angara Avenger
  7. Batarian Vanguard
  8. Angara Exemplar
  9. Batarian Scrapper
  10. Human Sentinel

Best Classes in Multiplayer

For me I find all of the kits largely the same, played in different ways certainly. But not anything truly different from each other.

The only exception to that I found was the Human Kineticist. And no, I’m not talking about Ascension or being able to Pull and Throw enemies, although that is a thing too.

No, for me, why the Human Kineticist is my main character in MEA:MP is because I can do many things on her that you simply can not on others. In short, she plays like many kits, but isn’t them actually.

  1. Tank in Platinum. Literally. Think that Juggernaught can tank? Like that Backlash ability shielding you? Spec in Radius and Hold and Restore shields in Pull. In Ascension, grab two unshielded enemies. Hold, angle them towards enemy fire to block enemy fire (even from Destroyers, Hydras or the homing bold from the Ascendant). Most of the time they won’t die on Platinum and they won’t die on Gold or less (there is an exception to this but it’s an obvious one I’ll go into a bit later). But they can absorb every weapon fired at them (towards you) whilst recharging your shields, from (nearly) any weapons fire that grazed through the blocking mobs that you are holding. To move quickly across the field with this, you’ll need to hop/jump along whilst angling your “shield” towards enemy fire. Takes a while to get used to but very useful. In Platinum, you can utilise this technique to act as a distraction and tank all the mobs whilst your allies cloak themselves in hack or upload zones. The only caveat to this is that enemies caught in your Hold takes extra damage and for some very strange reason, in nearly EVERY run I’ve been in where I’ve utilised this (to shield my allies even from rocket fire, etc), my allies feel threatened and automatically fire at my Held enemies. Even to the detriment to their own being. Seriously, I’ve had two instances where I held this up to deflect fire, and someone decided they were a big enough threat to open fire at them, kill them, and get shot to pieces before they could extract. I know this is a little known detail, but… C’mon!
  2. Make Krogan fear you. Not literally, but with Ascension and spec’d to restore Shields on melee, with the slow attack of Krogan in melee (1 vs 2 of your hits done in the same period of time), if you dodge their incoming attack (every so often), you can actually punch down Krogan with no fear at all (as your restore more Shields than the damage they deal to you in melee). Have done this on Platinum all the time if I can get them alone (but takes a while obviously). On Gold or less, it is possible to take on up to 3 of them (the two normal spawn ones, and one boss), although that relies a lot more on luck through evading and nothing else attacking you. But still, it’s good to show them who the real Master of Fists is.
  3. Killing swarms of mobs (cheaply and quickly). With Pull spec’d to utilise Radius, so long as you are on the edge of the map (So the top left area on Sandstorm for example), you can simply Pull enemies (up to two at a time) and simply let go as they reach close to you (Jump to gain some height so they clear all obstacles behind you if you have to). This utilises barely 10% of your shields and the enemy will be removed from the battle. And as you are behind cover, you can restore your shields quickly and safe from any incoming fire (works up to and including Platinum difficulty but due to being flushed out so often in Platinum doesn’t get many opportunities, but Sandstorm Platinum runs can be done reliably often). If there are more enemies coming, you can repeat and utilise barely 10% shields each time this way to remove enemies from play. Very useful against Annointed, simply strip their shields, and remove from play.
  4. Saving your allies from execution when they’re still many ( < 50 ; effective Biotic ability range limit ) meters away from you. Spec your Pull and Throw into Radius. As you see your ally have an enemy standing over them, quickly utilise a Throw OR Pull, this will reach the target more quickly than you will, and disrupt their execution animation (which takes around 3-5s) restarting it back to 0. If unshielded, simply race towards your ally and revive. If they are Shielded or Armoured, they will be staggered or evaded it, so at this point, check your distance, if you are still making your way and the enemy is approaching your ally again, utilise your other Throw/Pull to reset their animation to execute. By this point, you should have reached your fallen ally and can now revive them.
  5. Keeping the area Non-Smoking. Dislike Destined smoking the area up and making it difficult to target enemies for you and your allies? Spec Pull with Radius. Strip shields through weapons fire, see their shield go down, aim Pull at the ground roughly where they were and keep holding: the Destined will now be in your grasp. Battlefield remove by using Throw, or if you have the edge of the map behind you, simply let go of Pull and watch them fly past to their deaths. The radius of Pull also allows you to “blind fire” towards the ground when you hear growls from Adhi or Wraiths to disable them and then remove from play easily. You won’t need to spin around wildly looking for them before you can do anything.

In short, the ability to manipulate and control the battlefield is unparalleled on the Human Kineticist vs any other character kit. Allowing you play a more tactical game where otherwise it’s just run and gun in most cases. Hence she’s my favourite to play on.

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