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How to use Poses [+Pose Player] for The Sims 3

The Sims 3 Poses

This brief guide will show you how to install and use the pose player & poses for The Sims 3.

Uses for the Pose Player

  • You may want to pose your sims to create your own story using a slideshow of pictures
  • To make your Sim pose a certain way and take a screenshot to keep as a memorable moment in your Sim’s life.
  • And many more!


Now, onto the basics!

First off, you will need to have a Packages Folder (located under Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods). If you do not have a Mods/Packages folder, here is a guide on how to make one.

You will now need to download cmomoney’s Pose Player and extract that to your Packages folder.

You will also need to extract the pose files (these should be .package files) that you want to use into the same folder. However, make sure the Pose Player has been extracted into the Packages folder FIRST.

Posing Site Suggestions

If you do not know where to download poses for your sims I highly recommend

Or if you are a pervert (like me), there is also SexySims2 for X rated poses. However, you will have to register an account first and be over 18.


Once you have both the Pose Player and Pose files extracted into your Packages folder, you are ready to play!

  • Launch the game and play as the family you wish to pose
  • Go into Buy mode and look for the Pose Player under the Decorations/Miscellaneous section (it will look like clapboard and at the cheap price of $1). Now purchase it and place it anywhere on the lot.
  • Select the Sim you wish to pose, then click on the Pose Player and Select Pose by Name. A text box will pop up, type in the name of the pose you wish to use (eg. a_splad_cuddly1) and accept. The sim will now hold that pose until you cancel the action.

Note: The name of the pose should be located on the page where you downloaded the pose (or in the file you downloaded) and hopefully with a description and picture of what that particular pose is.
(i.e.) a_splad_cuddly1 — sitting on a bench
a_splad_cuddly1b — hugging sim’s arm

If you want to pose another sim, just select the desired sim and repeat the process.

You will, of course want to position the sim as well. So press Control+Shift+C and a small text box will appear at the top left corner of the screen. Now type in move objects on and hit Enter. You can now move your Sims in Buy mode (as well as many other objects) without them conflicting with other objects. Now you can place them wherever you like. You can also position them by holding the Alt key and moving the mouse in the direction you want them to face, this can come in handy if the pose involves sitting on a chair or couch. Congratulations! You’re done!

Taking a Screenshot of your Poses

To take a screenshot with the HUD hidden just press F10 or Tab and position the camera however you like and take a screenshot (F12 through Steam).

Here are some examples of poses I did using my favourite vampire family.

Thank you for reading my first guide!

It still needs a lot of work and I am in the process of getting photos to accompany this guide as well as adding tips whenever I can. Feel free to rate up my guide if it was helpful!.

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