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Hatching enzyme tip and infection cure observations

Subnautica Cure

Spoilers ahead do not read if you don’t wish to be spoiled.

So for those who don’t know when you go down into the final containment facility where you will find the sea emperor. You noticed that in the center of that large Atrium there is a ion Crystal generator. Or fabricator. Go into The Atrium with your prawn suit and the drill arm. There you can Harvest ion crystals for anything you need relating to them. Use them to power up the for warp gates around Each corner of the atrium. A fifth one is needed to activate the warp gate within the sea Emperor’s enclosure.

Once the sea Emperor gives you the blueprints for the hatching enzyme begin going through the various warp gates that can be found in the rooms off to the left and right-hand sides of the atrium. Each piece of what you will need is in each of the areas on the other side of the warp gates. Upon retrieving what you need simply head back to the main containment facility and repeat this until you have all of the substances that are needed. After that you need access to a fabricator. Either through your cyclops if it is likely outside of the facility or you need to find a way to go back to a location that has it.

Once you create the hatching enzyme and the Sea Emperor juveniles hatch from their eggs they will secrete the enzyme that you will need to cure yourself. Once you are cured the warpers will no longer try to attack you. They will still linger around you and you can actually get rather close to them. However they will no longer be hostile towards you. If you haven’t already begun construction of the rocket or haven’t constructed it yet already this is now an ideal time to begin working on it.

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