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Breaking Demon Altars – Terraria

Terraria Demon Altar

I’m currently preparing for hardmode and trying to quarantine the corruption as much as I can for now. But in hardmode I will need to break some demon altars and doing so will infect a random part of my world with corruption/hallow. I don’t really want corruption or hallow spreading in my world, because i’m scared it will destroy my biomes. What’s the easiest way of finding and quarantining the corruption or hallow that spawned in my world from breaking demon altars before it’s too late?

Demon Altar Tips

There are a couple of different ways to take this problem.

  1. Don’t break any altars. You can get plenty of the specialty ores from fishing crates, and Extractonator. Just save your crates, silt, slush, desert fossils until hardmode.
  2. Columns Some people Cut Vertical Hellavators to make columns to stop the spread of evil. Then if something gets infected only that column has to be cleansed.
  3. Grids. just like Columns but also Horizontal tunnels to make a Grid, Now instead of a whole column getting infected only single grid squares do.
  4. Instead just protect the areas you want to preserve. E.g. Cut out one of the oceans, a Column of Jungle, a Section of desert, section around your base. Depending on how many areas and how big they are, this could be much faster.
  5. Cheat. Use a map viewer and search for infected blocks to purify.
  6. Use a Material world. Instead of just one world. put your main base on the protected world where you break no altars. and create a second world for your material farm. On that world break every altar you find and spawn all the ores you want. Most people don’t consider this cheating as long as the material world is the same mode as your main world. (e.g. expert / expert) However some might make an expert small world as their main base, and non-expert large world as their material farm. You do you.
  7. By Hand. If you have fully explored the Map, then the new evil will show up on the mini map (just like plantera bulbs do) so as soon as it gets big enough to notice, you can find it and eliminate it before it’s a problem.

Hope that helps, have fun.

I have a few questions though.

  1. If I don’t break any altars, how many crates do I approximately need to get? Or can I also get crates in hardmode?
  2. Making grids sounds like it will take a VERY long time. How far apart do the vertical and horizontal tunnels need to be? And do you need to grid the whole cavern layer (because I read that only the cavern layer can get infected by destroying an altar)?


How many crates/ silt/ slush/ desert fossils really depends on what you need to build.

Obviously you need the forge and the anvil, but what suites do you want to build?

Normally fishing until you got 100+ wooden crates and all the other crates that came with them would be enough to do the anvil, forge and one of the top suits.

You can fish in hardmode to get more, you can also collect more silt, slush, and desert fossils for more too.

As far as how far apart the “need to be” is really up to you, it could be as simple as one column on each side of snow, jungle, ocean, desert, with one horizontal in the mid point of Cavern layer, and another in mid point of underground layer, and another in just above the underground layer. Or you could put a column at 2x the range of the clementator across the entire map, and skip the horizontal tunnels.

The smaller the grid, the less area that can get infected but the more work, the larger the grid the faster it gets done, but more work to correct.

as far as where the random spot is targeted.. it could be anywhere, in the cavern, underground, dirt, surface, sky, space layers. I’ve had a block touching my main surface base wall turn. And I’ve read where people have had sky islands get affected.

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