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A little Guide on the Ayatan Sculptures & Stars

Warframe Ayatan Sculptures

After going through the new update, and seeing what it has to offer, I figured I’d write up a small TL;DR on what’s new and what to do. first up, let’s talk about the easiest way to get Ayatan Sculptures and stars.

By going to Maroo’s bazaar, you can get a quest to search the void for an Ayatan Sculpture. These sculptures are found at the very back of a parkour room, and require all of your warframes strength, mobility, and cunning to complete (or you can just bullet jump over the whole thing, as per most pre-mobility 2.0 challenges.). The sculptures are rarely found in normal missions, but your best bet on finding them will be from Maroo missions. Along the way, you may find small sparkling things that drop from the chests and lockers strewn throughout the map. These things are the Ayatan Stars. There are many type of stars, and each star can be socketed to a sculpture to raise its endo worth. they need to be picked up manually, so even if you have vacuum you won’t be able to pick them up automatically.

So, you’ve gone through the mission and you have some stars and sculptures. You have a few options from here. You can sell the pieces individually for some quick endo from Maroo, you can go back to your ship and socket some stars to it, raising its price by quite a lot, or you can keep it as a trophy, to flaunt around your orbiter however you like. Let’s go over how to do these options one by one.

To sell your sculpture or stars, go and talk to maroo at her bazaar, orbiting earth. One of the options in her dialogue tree will be to trade in the Ayatan for endo. Keep in mind that sculptures with more socketed stars will be worth much more that a base sculpt.

To upgrade them, go to your liset and go to the mod screen. There will be a new option added (called ayatan sculptures) that will allow you to view the stars and sculpts you have. Click on your sculpture, and then mouse over the holes in it to see what stars are needed to fill it. For example, the Ayatan Ayr sculpture requires Cyan Stars to be socketed.

To place the sculpture, pull up your menu while in the orbiter. Then, click equipment > Landing Craft > Place Decoration. Then, find a good spot in your ship, and slap down that bad boy!

So that’s a small primer on the whats, wheres, and hows of the Ayatans. Happy hunting, Tenno!

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