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A Good Harrow Build – Warframe

Warframe Harrow Build

I finally got harrow now how do I play him and how do I mod him.

Harrow Build

Strength and duration. Range is kinda useless IMO since it only really affects his 1. Augur mods(especially weapons with them) are great because harrow’s gameplay is all about Shields. His kit is all focused around headshots, so any headshot based arcanes are gonna be killer on him.

His 1 is primarily used to help you line up headshots easily and to gain alot of overshields.

2 works off of the hefty overshield cap and how much you gain from each enemy chained by your 1(strength = more shield per enemy chained). Using it will deplete harrow’s Shields and give a duration based buff to reload speed and fire rate. The duration timer stacks up to like 119(with my build at least) and that only takes about 2 separate full shield sacrifices. It’s refreshable too as long as you have shield.

3 channels energy into a buff that grants you energy from your own kills, headshot kills multiply that energy by alot. A good mix of strength and duration go great here(and of course a flow/primed flow) so you can channel more energy. To be honest with this ability I usually stop once the counter has passed 12 -15, I let the multiplier do most of the work.

4 is a 2 stage ability, part one grants a brief invulnerability state on you and anyone within affinity range, and absorbs all damage that anyone takes(shown by a counter on your screen). At stage 2, that damage(affected by strength) is converted into an additive bonus on crit chance, with a 4x multiplier for headshots. The Max is +50% on regular shots, meaning you get an additive +200% crit chance to headshots.

The way you choose to mod for this ability affects how you want to run harrow overall. If you want to keep your crit chance up as long as you can, mod for strength and duration, with the “Lasting covenant” augment mod. -each headshot on enemies while covenant is active adds 3 seconds to the timer for your bonus crit chance- This allows you to potentially keep your crit chance bonuses up for the entirety of a mission, provided you can keep getting headshots. A build like this gets along REALLY well with high crit, high damage, burst or semi auto weapons like the tiberon prime, Corinth, and both Hek variants.

Alternatively, some people mod harrow for strength and range and efficiency over duration and use him as more of a tank/supprt. A shorter duration means they run covenant many times in succession, giving them stagnated bouts of invulerability. While invulnerable, you can sacrifice your shields to get the reload and fire rate boost and try to gain some shield back before the timer on covenants invulerability runs out. This way, you are invincible at harrow’s most vulnerable state(after sacrificing shields) and can use that time to get shields back up or to channel your 3 and give everyone a energy refund buff.

Harrow is one of the most well designed and synergized frames we have available, all of his abilities have solid usage independently, but work like a charm when used in unison. Enjoy him!!!

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