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How to trade in Warframe

Warframe How to Trade

The recent posts you may have seen bring up some of the obvious shortcomings of trading in Warframe. There is no perfect system unfortunately but I can give you the breakdown of what I’ve learned over the years.

First and foremost yes it is important to do your homework before you do any trading. So hopefully this post will get you on your way.

  • Why trade? Well I think the biggest reason is you can use items you’ve farmed to trade other players for plat and buy things you want or need like, Warframe slots, wep slots, Orokin reactors/catalysts, etc or to hook up a friend you made or clan member that could use some help.
  • What is tradeable? Mods(with a few exceptions like login mods like Primed Fury) all other mods will be tradeable, Prime parts this goes for prime frame parts and prime weapon parts, Rank 0 Prisma weapons Syndicate weps, Wraith and Vandal parts(these are special weapons Baro brings or from invasion missions on occasion they are tradeable if you don’t rank them at all, as soon as you begin to use them and rank them they become untradeable). As well, augment mods, Ayatan sculptures, stars, relics, kubrow/kevat imprints, and Arcane helmets are all tradeable. *ADDED – Riven mods are a bit more tricky than any other item as there is no solid way to gauge their price, Veiled rivens can be gauged well on
  • Where can I trade and what’s the best way? There are 2 places you can trade. Maroo’s Bazaar on the Earth relay, or in a clan dojo. But there are 3 ways you can trade. Maroo’s Bazaar you setup a shop and hope to find a buyer, Trade chat with text whizzing by, or

Hands down the best way to buy and I think sell is you’ll find the cheapest price generally here, as well you can use the site to gauge what something is worth as this is an active trade site and you can play the game while your post is active and trade in between missions when you have a moment.

The problem with Maroo’s Bazaar and trade tab is they both require you to stay there so you cannot do missions while actively trying to buy or sell. Also these places tend to have higher prices so buyer beware. And finally at best there might be 30 or so people on one instance of Maroo’s Bazaar and 100 or so players on Trade chat, this is small compared to the people you can potentially reach on

  • So what’s the best way to go about trading? First make sure you are Mastery rank 2 or higher and although not required it’s a good idea to already be in a clan so you can use your dojo for trading at any time. Then invite the buyer/seller to your dojo and go to the trade kiosk and being a trade. If you don’t have a clan you can still trade with any player at Maroo’s Bazaar as long as they also meet the trade requirements. Next create an account on think of .market as a big Craigslist just for Tenno. If you’re buying search for the item you want and message players that are INGAME that you would like to buy, if they don’t reply within a few minutes message the next person on the list, personally I don’t recommend messaging people within the .market site itself as we generally don’t see it because it’s running in the background. As a seller, search for your item to see what it’s selling for, once you’ve done that scroll to the bottom and there you can post your item for sale at the price you wish to sell it. I recommend if it’s your first time sell something that is cheap like a decent mod like Virulent Scourge which goes for 5p on the .market site. As you get more comfortable you can have several posts for buying or selling at the same time or sell higher dollar items like a fully ranked Primed Flow.

If you’re selling keep the post actively in the background while you go about playing the game, that way it shows potential buyers you are active and in game. If you sell at a cheap price and the item is in demand, expect to get a message usually that day.

For me I post 10 or so items I have for sale I match the lowest price to move goods quickly and without hassle. And usually sell several items within hours in between running missions. I get a PM from a buyer and I tell them give me 5-10 minutes and then I can sell it, because I sell for a good deal they almost always are happy to wait. When I do longer missions like Sortie or Raids I just close the website tab so I get no PM’s during that time or if I’m done selling for the day. And that’s really it, ah but maybe one last thing, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. And just as one example prices are dynamic due to vaulting, and general supply and demand so don’t be mad if someone offers you 5p for something you are selling for 15p, go check the market, has it adjusted? have you been undercut?

In the end don’t stress, if you play enough you should have no problem doing just fine as both a seller and buyer, treat other tenno as you want to be treated, hook each other up if ya can, support DE if ya can and generally help to keep our community one of the best parts of this game.

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