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Main Story Quest Order – Warframe

Warframe Quest

Hello all,

New player here. Trying to figure out the main quest line missions that are paramount to get done as a new player. I found the list below on Reddit, but I know a few in this list aren’t mandatory (which I could be 110% wrong about because noob). At this point, I’m think I just finished stolen dreams.

Vor’s Prize Once Awake Howl of the Kubrow The Archwing Stolen Dreams The New Strange Patient Zero The Jordas Precept A Man of Few Words Natah The Second Dream The Silver Grove The War Within The Glast Gambit Chains of Harrow

Which of the above are mandatory to “finish” the story line, which are optional. Also, can I just follow the order in game and get to where I need to be?


Quest Order

This is how the wiki organizes it:

Main storyline:

  1. Vor’s Prize
  2. Once Awake
  3. The Archwing
  4. Stolen Dreams
  5. The New Strange
  6. Natah
  7. The Second Dream
  8. The War Within

Side quests:

  • Howl of the Kubrow
  • A Man of Few Words
  • Apostasy Prologue

Warframe quests (also side quests):

  • Hidden Messages (Mirage)
  • The Limbo Theorem (Limbo)
  • Patient Zero (Mesa)
  • The Jordas Precept (Atlas)
  • Sands of Inaros (Inaros)
  • The Silver Grove (Titania)
  • The Glast Gambit (Nidus)
  • Octavia’s Anthem (Octavia)
  • Chains of Harrow (Harrow)
  • Saya’s Vigil (Gara)

The main storyline is easy, just do it in order, you cannot do it wrong. For the side quests, try to do them as soon as you can, maybe skip Howl of the Kubrow if you don’t have a good way of getting {Nano Spores}. Same goes for warframe quests – they all contain more or less connected bits of lore, but the ones that can spoil you are locked behind respective main quests.

So just do them more or less by the order they are in the Codex and you’ll be fine.

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