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Warframe Market is Great

Warframe Market

My clan has been encouraging me to try for a while, and since I had run out of my purchased platinum, I decided to give it a try on Saturday.

The site is setup very well, and I liked that I could list all my blueprints and crafting components before setting myself to “online.” I docked at my dojo and waited for the PMs to roll in. All told, I made ~350 platinum in probably half an hour across two days (I ran out of trades both days).

I’m finally unlocking all those relics I have stored up because I have a way to sell prime parts for something other than ducats. And it makes me feel less guilty about buying stuff with plat. Plus, it’s way, way faster than advertising through trade chat (though for bigger ticket items, like a frame set, I posted on the site and posted in trade chat for them).

If something is less than 5 plat, I sell it for ducats instead. I was finding that a lot of those pieces were around 45 ducats.

The only problem I had was the front page slowing my browser down if I left it open a while. It continually refreshes recent listings/prices from your last search, so it’s best to close it after you’ve finished searching and listing all your things. Then, just keep the “My Orders” page open so you can double-check the prices you listed before you accept plat from somebody.

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