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New Mesa Player – Warframe

Warframe Mesa

Looking for some entry level help with Mesa. I am a newer player to Warframe (MR5) and with it I recently acquired Mesa. I like her style but could just use some basic help regarding how to set her up and play her. In particular a few questions I have:

  1. So is there an easy way to tell when Ballistic Battery is on or not? Is there a best time to use it? How frequently do you use it?
  2. With Shooting Gallery, it looks to rotate to all of my teammates. I tend to use it during heavy fights, any other times or tips on it? I have ability reach mods equipped.
  3. With Shatter Shield it looks like my frame turns white, but I don’t have an icon in the top showing when it is active…anything else to note with it?
  4. It mentions I get more health without a melee weapon equipped. I have been playing without one, any reason that I should equip one?
  5. I also see mention of reloading and shooting faster with pistols. Should I be using only my secondary weapon? I prefer playing with an autorifle in my primary. Is that correct for Mesa?
  6. Bonus Question: I just hit MR5. Any specific weapons I should craft in my Clan? I have Inaros at rank 30, as well as Frost Prime at 15 and Excaliber at 15.

Again I know these are some basic questions, but trying to figure out the fundamentals first before I dive any further in. Thanks in advance!


  1. Don’t use ballistic battery. I use Ballistic Battery for bosses, especially for bosses like Lephantis. But not for much else honestly.
  2. Shooting gallery gives a damage buff to you and a teammate and also jams enemy guns an aoe based on range. I mainly use this for sorties or sanctuary onslaught when I’m in danger of being one shot. Other times it’s nice but not really worth the extra energy that would be better spent on peacemaker.
  3. Shatter Shield only gives you damage resistance to RANGED ATTACKS, meaning that if a butcher smacks you, you’re going to take 100% of the damage. This is why Napalms are also really dangerous to Mesa, she may be able to tank the bomb itself but shatter shield won’t protect you from the fire it leaves behind.
  4. Yes she does gain extra health with no melee equipped, but it’s only 50 HP, so I don’t think it’s that important. I personally use the Hirudo on Mesa to make up for any lost health.
  5. Mesa attacks 10% faster with dual pistols and reloads 20% faster with single guns. While this is neat and all it doesn’t suddenly mean Secondary > Primary. If you like your primary weapons, go for it.
  6. Final note, I would recommend a weapon for mesa that can quickly dispatch of nullifiers, like the pandero or akstilettos, as they will make your day sour, because they protect everyone inside/behind the bubble from your ult.

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