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Pacifism Gold & Ignis Wraith – Warframe

Warframe Ignis Wraith

How to get gold & Ignis Wraith (easy mode)

Thought Rathuum was broken due to Ivaras soloing the operation for thousands of points?

Heres how easy it is this time.

Tier qualification

Gold Trophy – points in total

“Clan member shared points +each clan member”

  • Ghost Clans must earn: 500 Points.
  • Shadow Clans must earn: 1500 Points.
  • Storm Clans must earn: 4500 Points.
  • Mountain Clans must earn: 13500 Points.
  • Moon Clans must earn: 40500 Points.
Reward tiers

The rewards for clans are clan roster locked since launch of the event, any changes being made will not benefit you(no new members, no new clans, no clan downgrading’ex Shadow turned Ghost’

Lower Tier: Ignis Wraith blueprint

Ghost Clans must earn: 1,300 Points. 260 Points. (nerf)
Shadow Clans must earn: 3,800 Points. 760 Points. (nerf)
Storm Clans must earn: 12,600 Points. 2,520 Points. (nerf)
Mountain Clans must earn: 37,800 Points. 7,560 Points. (nerf)
Moon Clans must earn: 126,000 Points. 25,200 Points. (nerf)

*(New clans formed or newly joined members during the Operation will be eligible for this since this is the first time Clan presence is needed for an Operation Weapon.)*

Victory Tier: Ignis Wraith with slot & Potato for all members

(members involved in your roster that was available before event launch)

  • Ghost Clans 4,000 Points.
  • Shadow Clans 12,100 Points.
  • Storm Clans 40,300 Points.
  • Mountain Clans 121,000 Points.
  • Moon Clans 403,000 Points.
Hardcore Tier: Ignis Wraith clan dojo research

(members involved in your roster that was available before event launch)

  • Ghost Clans top 10% of scores within Ghost Clans.
  • Shadow Clans top 10% of scores within Shadow Clans.
  • Storm Clans top 10% of scores within Storm Clans.
  • Mountain Clans top 10% of scores within Mountain Clans.
  • Moon Clans top 10% of scores within Moon Clans.

Team Composition

Transport CC
  • Avalanche Frost or Bastille Vauban for beyond 500 points
  • Slowa if you’re only going for the blueprint 250 points

each Avalanche frost/Bastille Vauban or Slowa goes 2 and 2 together with a trinity for Bless & EV



  • Simple. healing and energy, blessing & ev

Frost Avalanche

  • 14.64(sec) enemy stun duration
  • 35.25(meters) enemy CC range
  • Knockdown immunity [Icy Avalanche absorption shield]
  • Status effect protection [Icy Avalanche absorption shield]
  • absorption health dependant on power str [Icy Avalanche absorption shield]
  • Allies within ‘range’ also gains the absorption shield [Icy Avalanche absorption shield]
  • Health conversion stacks will be saved until Avalanche shield has broken.
  • 47% radius
  • 67% slowing effect (similar to Slow nova 75% molecular slow)
  • – Breaks easily

Bastille Booben

You might want to use a half Narrow minded for more range & less duration.

Both having less duration and having more range might be of good use to you since you’re on the move and should’ve passed the last place you placed a bastille after 29.1 sec


Slowa with portals

almost the same as raid nova besides Corrosive Projection

  • 75%(capped) slowing
  • Molecular expanding for 16.92 sec
  • 47 meter range Worm hole portals


Auras & Exilus

  • Zenuric energy overlow 4energy/sec
  • Energy Siphon + Coaction drift +2.8635
  • 6,8635 e/sec


Ragdoll splash

Sancti Magistar

  • 50% Status effect damage reduction (doesn’t need to be held, only equipped)
  • Frost avalanche absorption shield ^ = status effect immunity git gud
  • Heals allies & Lemmings
Side notes
  • Infested impedance doesn’t work in the event.

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