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Primed frames list – Warframe

Waframe Primes

I had some minutes of freetime, so I put up a list for the Frames that are currently in the game and in which order they probably will be released.

Mirage Prime (Winter 17)

Zephyr Prime (Spring 18)

Limbo Prime (Summer 18)

Chroma Prime (Fall 18)

Mesa Prime (Winter 18)

Equinox Prime (Spring 19)

Atlas Prime (Summer 19)

Wukong Prime (Fall 19)

Ivara Prime (Winter 19)

Titania Prime (Spring 20)

Nezha Prime (Summer 20)

Inaros Prime (Fall 20)

Octavia Prime (Winter 20)

Gara Prime (Spring 21)

Nidus Prime (Summer 21)

Harrow Prime (Fall 21)

Khora Prime ( Winter 21)

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