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Primes and Prime Weapons – Warframe

Warframe Prime Weapons

This guide will give newer and older players of warframe a view of what prime weapons and frames are currently available in game.


EVERYTHING IN THIS GUIDE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE(And as time allows I will attempt to keep it updated, post things that may be missing or that have changed in comments and I will fix the issue asap).

Ash Prime:

The ninja frame ash is good for stealth combat with moderate damage
Current AVG Set price: 90-100p

Banshee Prime:

Warframe Banshee

The sound frame, good for temporarily stunning foes and staying quiet with higher ordanance.
Current AVG Set price: 90-100p

Ember Prime:

The angry ♥♥♥♥♥ frame, good for CC with high fire damage to take out foes.
Current AVG Set price: 600-700p

Excalibur Prime:

All around great prime, higher than avg melee prowess
Current AVG Set price: Unavailable to players

Frost Prime:

Warframe Frost

Cold hearted/Ice Frame, Great defensive capabilities with strong CC offensive
Current AVG Set price: 250-350p(Free with Twitch Prime until September 15)

Hydroid Prime:

Hentai Pirate frame, Great CC with loot grinding capabilities, also tentacles.
Current AVG Set price: 190-220p

Loki Prime:

Warframe Loki Prime

Deception Frame, Distraction and escape capabilities along with the ability to disarm enemies.
Current AVG Set price: 570-650p

Mag Prime:

Magnetic Frame, Slight CC ability, mostly single target.
Current AVG Set price: 75-100p

Nekros Prime:

Ressurection Frame, bring back the dead to fight for you, Loot re-rolling good for farming.
Current AVG set price: 70-90p

Nova Prime:

Galactic Warp Frame, Wormholes are good for Ayatan Farming, Abilities causing explosions and fourth ability causing variable effects depending on build.
Current AVG set Price: 240-300p

Nyx Prime:

The over sexualized frame, mostly sporting mentally affecting abilities primarily single target.
Current AVG Set price: 240-300p

Oberon Prime:

Attack Support Frame, damage and healing in one bubble good all around warframe
Current AVG Set price: 115-150p

Rhino Prime:

Warframe Rhino Prime

Mega tank frame, heaviest frame and slowest but can take a beating more than most frames
Current AVG Set price: 250-300p

Saryn Prime:

Warframe Saryn

Toxic Frame sporting a mix of CC and single target abilities focused on DOT
Current AVG Set price: 50-60

Trinity Prime:

Super Support Frame, boating healing and damage negating abilities along with the ability to lock enemies in place while regenerating energy.
Current AVG Set price: 45-75p(Rising)

Valkyr Prime:

Tormented ♥♥♥♥♥ frame, high damage capabilities with high armor but very low health.
Current AVG Set price: 80-100p

Vauban Prime:

Warframe Vauban Prime

Balls frame, mostly CC focus, Vaubans balls are best balls.
Current AVG Set price: 100-120p

Volt Prime:

Electric Frame, Slight defensive ability, mostly used for speed buff.
Current AVG Set price: 95-120p


This section will include weapons, very little info about them, and the avg set price I found while making this guide.
Sorry for the unprofessional pictures, nothing posted is concrete nor my own all content belongs to respective owners, prices correlated from

If I missed any sets that can be traded for plat or prices change feel free to let me know in description.

Primary Weapons

Warframe Weapons

Boar Prime:

  • Shotgun, 50-75p

Boltor Prime:

  • Projectile Assault Rifle, 110-140p

Braton Prime:

  • Hitscan Assault Rifle, 10-20p

Burston Prime:

  • Burst Rifle, 10-15p

Cernos Prime:

  • Impact Bow, 30-40p

Dera Vandal:

  • Beam Rifle, 30-50p

Gorgon Wraith:

  • Hitscan Assault Rifle, 10-20p

Ignis Wraith:

  • Flamethrower, 3-5p

Karak Wraith:

  • Hitscan Assault Rifle, 60-75p

Latron Prime:

  • Semi-Auto Rifle, 120-150p

Latron Wraith:

  • Semi-Auto Rifle, 70-85p

Paris Prime:

  • Puncture Bow, 10-15p

Prisma Gorgon:

  • Hitscan Assault Rifle, 130-150p

Prisma Grataka:

  • Hitscan SMG, 300-700p

Prisma Tetra:

  • Hitscan Assault Rifle, 75-140p

Quanta Vandal:

  • Laser thingy, 100-200p

Rakta Cernos:

  • Impact Bow, 45-55p

Sancti Tigris:

  • Dual Fire Shottie, 45-60p

Snipetron Vandal:

  • Corpus Sniper, 45-55p

Soma Prime:

  • Hitscan Assault Rifle, 180-220p

Strun Wraith:

  • Single Fire Shottie, 60-100p

Synoid Simulor:

  • Singularity Gun, 35-50p

Tigris Prime:

  • Dual Fire Shottie, 25-35p

Vaykor Hek:

  • Single Fire Shottie, 35-45

Vectis Prime:

  • Sniper Rifle, 100-120p

Vulkar Wraith:

  • Sniper Rifle, 100-120p


Warframe Best Weapons

Akbronco Prime:

  • Shottie Pistols, 30-50p

Aklex Prime:

  • Heavy Pistols, 130-150p

Akstilleto Prime:

  • Machine Pistols, 75-90p

Ballistica Prime:

  • Crossbow, 135-200p

Bronco Prime:

  • Shottie Pistol, 10-20p

Euphona Prime:

  • Shotgun Pistol, 30-40p

Hikou Prime:

  • Shuriken, 50-75p

Lato Prime:

  • Heavy Pistol, Unavailable

Lato Vandal:

  • Heavy Pistol, Unavailable

Lex Prime:

  • Heavy Pistol, 10-15p

Mara Detron:

  • Shotgun Pistol, 100-150p

Prisma Angstrum:

  • Rocket Pistol, 95-120p

Rakta Ballistica:

  • Crossbow, 45-50p

Secura Dual Cestra:

  • Dual Machine Pistols, 40-60p

Sicarus Prime:

  • Burst Pistol, 250-320p

Spira Prime:

  • Kunai, 110-125p

Synoid Gammacor:

  • Laser Pistol, 50-70p

Twin Vipers Wraith:

  • Machine Pistols, 40-50p

Vasto Prime:

  • Revolver, 40-50p

Vaykor Marelok

  • Heavy Pistol, 35-50p

Melee Weapons

Ankyros Prime:

  • Gauntlets, 100-150p

Bo Prime:

  • Staff, 30-60

Dakra Prime:

  • Rapier, 20-30p

Dual Kamas Prime:

  • Dual Scythes, 70-100p

Fragor Prime:

  • Hammer, 20-25p

Galatine Prime:

  • Greatsword, 20-30p

Glaive Prime:

  • Thrown Glaive, 350-500p

Machete Wraith:

  • Machete, 100-130p

Nami Skyla Prime:

  • Sword Dagger combo, 200-250p

Nikana Prime:

  • Nikana, 55-75p

Orthos Prime:

  • Staff, 20-30p

Prisma Dual Cleavers:

  • Cleavers, 150-200p

Prisma Obex:

  • Gauntlets, 300-400p

Prisma Skana:

  • Standard Sword, 110-150p

Prova Vandal:

  • Machete, 70-100p

Rakta Dark Dagger:

  • Dagger, 40-55p

Reaper Prime:

  • Scythe, 100-150p

Silva and Aegis Prime:

  • Sword Shield Combo, 35-50p

Scindo Prime:

  • Battleaxe, 70-90p

Telos Boltace:

  • Tonfa, 50-60p

Venka Prime:

  • Gauntlets, 60-80p

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