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What is Razorback armada and benefits?

Warframe Razorback Armada

This is a describe about Razorback armada and what we will get benefit more details…

Razorback Armada

A Razorback Armada node will appear near the Relay once the construction status in invasion is complete by supporting the Corpus. Players will receive Razorback Cipher Blueprint by Inbox message from the Lotus, warning the players that a Relay is about to be attacked by Razorbacks.

How to kill Razorback Armada?

Players must utilize the Bursas stationed on the upper balconies of the arena. First, players must disable the Laser Barriers that keep the Bursas from falling down. The barriers related consoles are located above the main entrances, and will only disable the barriers temporarily while hacking consoles. Once the barriers are disabled, the Bursas will jump down. From there, players must damage the Bursas Control Consoles hacked it and the Bursas against the Razorback and attacking it. Once razorback down Shoot it.

Razorback Cipher Blueprint

Its need some Resource to make Cipher like.

  • Polymer Bundles (1500)
  • Gallium (3)
  • Cryptographic ALUs (4)
    NOte: Farming ALUs from Archwing missions over Jupiter and Neptune


Relay will be not destroyed.


Mods drops

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