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Easiest Way To Kill Sentients – Warframe

Warframe Sentients

A small quick guide on how to kill Sentients fast.


So sentients. We either love them because the are cool or hate them because we can’t kill them. First appearing in Uranus we were all intrigued by it. It then became a major player in Natah Quest and The Second Dream. Not much is heard about them until you try the junction on Pluto to Sedna requring you to kill 10 Sentients also in one or two other quests for warframes. You must be wondering “How am I going to find them”.

Until you do so, the biggest part they play in end game is for Rivens. Oh yes, rivens. We try to hunt them down and kill them but with great struggle.

Where to find Sentients

The first likely encounter will be on Uranus. As far as I know, the spawn in every or most mission.


The chances of them spawning is very low so don’t count on it.

The next time you encounter them is within a major quest. Not going to spoil it but make sure you kill all of them as it will come in handy.

And the most common place is on Lua Aka The Moon. I don’t know why but on Lua, sentients only spawn on 3 maps only:

Plato – Exterminate
Tycho – Survival
Grimaldi – Mobile Defence <- I think this is the 3rd map.

All 3 are very viable but Plato is the best. since I had pretty much 100% of them spawning. They always spawn when you are about 30 seconds into engaging the enemy. When you hear the warning/ alert from lotus, ignore the enemies and rush to find the sentients further in the map before they despawn (I dunno but they like to dissapear) and MAKE SURE YOU GET THEIR ATTENTION.

Once you have got their attention and they have scanned you, there is about 5 seconds window before the Battalyst and Conculyst spawn. They big boys. Almost certainly, one of each will spawn. During that 5 second period, it is advisable that you clear the area before you fight.

Method 1 – The hard way

The Hard Way eh. Sounds like a cheesy 90’s porn title. Well the hard way is the most straight forward way. On youtube there are dozens of videos on how to take down the sentients. almost all of them are the same.

Step 1

Get a ridiculously hard hitting weapon like the Tigris Prime.

Step 2

Mod the crap out of it and make sure you got multiple elements on the weapon.

Step 3

Find a secondary you like.

Step 4

Apply step 2.

Step 5

Find a melee you like.

Step 6

Apply step 2 again.

Step 7

Find a warframe that SUITS you the most (Ordis gets the credit for this).

Step 8

Beat the living S H I T E out of the sentients when found.

Slowly but surely you will kill the sentients. Also make sure that the elements are all different since the sentients will adapt to it.

Method 2 – The really relatively easy way

This sound like a good cop bad cop thing.

“Listen here buster, you can either do this the easy way or the… hard way…”

Well the easy way is very very VERY VERY straight forward.

Step 1

Get Ash or Ash Prime preferably.

Step 2

Do a standard mod setup.

Step 3


Step 4

Use blade storm. (may need to use about 2- 3 times on 1 sentient with the full triple marks of death). I use Rakta Dark Dagger.

Step 5


Step 6


I have no idea why but the sentients doesn’t adapt to the damage that well or infact at all. I use the Rakta Dark Dagger with my Ash Prime. When I attack them with blade storm, they only seem to adapt to slash only. Maybe the rad proc aswell but they don’t seem to live long enough to tell the tale. As well as this, on Lua, the levels of all the enemies are 25- 30 so you shouldn’t have a hard time killing them.

Method 3 – The I don’t use it myself but seems like a lot of people now do way

Warframe Sortie

Go into operator mode. The laser can remove the sentient resist damage. As well as this, the sentients cant adapt to the operator laser damage.

I don’t really use this but it has been suggested twice and yeah. Use it if you want to.

Operator blast to stun the sentients.
Left click for standard laser attack.
Crouch to hide.

Method 4 – Excalibur

I don’t have excalibur but it was suggested to me and it seems like it works.

Step 1

Get Excaliber.

Step 2

Use Radial Blind as it apparently removes the adapted damages and allows finishers.

Step 3

Go ham on the Exalted Blade.

Method 5 – Valkyr

Warframe Valkyr

I do not have this method but it was mentioned by some people in the comments.

Step 1

Get Valkyr.

Step 2

Use Hysteriea (Skill 4 I think).

It is similar to Ash’s Blade Storm, the sentinels cannot adapt to the damage.


To wrap it up, if you use method 2, it should literally take you about 30 seconds or less to kill the two sentients that spawn.

Plato is the best place for them.
Don’t fret over your rivens.
Smoke wheat
Send me free stuff on warframe
Dab on them haters

Feel free to add anymore ideas on to this post if you want.

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