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The New Arcane System – Warframe

Warframe Arcanes

So, as most of you probably saw from the DevStream, we’re getting a new system for the Arcanes.

After re-vitalizing the system by adding the drops to the Eidolon trio, meaning we can now get multiple per night instead of one every 24 hours AND changing the stats to be (in the majority of cases) be better / more useful, DE is going one step further.

They decided to drastically overhaul the system with which you apply the Arcanes. Right now, you install 1-10 of the same Arcane on either a helmet or a syandana. After you do this, it’s “soft locked” to the item and if you want to put it on something else, you’ll have to distill it with an arcane distiller and put it on something else.

This system has multiple glaring issues:

  1. Vetted Arcane helmets, such as an Arcane Excalibur Pendragon Helmet, CANNOT have other Arcanes applied on top of them.
  2. 2. If you want to use a certain Arcane on multiple of your Warframes, you’re bound to use it on a Syandana. Putting an Arcane on helmets is less appealing, since they can only be applied on one Warframe. If you don’t want to change, you have to farm/purchase additional Arcanes.
  3. 3. If you DO choose to change the Arcane from one Warframe to another, you have to hassle around with Arcane Distilling. Doing this between multiple runs gets very annoying, very quickly.

HOWEVER, the new system is here to change all of these woes and give yet another burst of life into the Arcane system.

Starting from Mastery Rank 5, players will see 2 new Arcane slots per Warframe CONFIG. This means that you can use different Arcane setups for different configs AND you can combine them with the vetted Arcane Helmets.

They’re also changing how your Arcanes are “counted”. From what I’ve been able to see on the Devstream, Rebecca had 2 of each Contagion Arcane in her inventory. She put one on Config A of her ZAW, but when she went to Config B to apply another Arcane, she ALSO had two of each in her inventory.

This means that they’re now counted like mods, where you can put the same Arcane on a bunch of different Warframes and Configs, without actually having to own multiple of said Arcane.

In my personal opinion, the stat change we got before in combination with this coming update is EXACTLY what was needed to popularize the Arcane system, which I’m sure most people would prefer to letting it slug on in their niche position that they have right now.

What are your thoughts on the stat changes and this system overhaul? I’m curious to hear your opinions and reasonings.


Arcanes got buffed and the system is making the Arcanes themselves more modular and re-usable. This is a great step to popularize the Arcanes and to get people to use this previously niche system.

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