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The Scoliac: The Largest Area Damage Weapon In The Game!

Warframe Scoliac

To maiming strike lovers, you should really consider getting a riven for the scoliac. Destroy more enemies in a single swipe then ever before.


Warframe Maiming Strike

Maiming Strike builds have been nerfed! Attacks can no longer go through walls.

Melee is going to get a serious rework soon, and maiming strike will likely get nerfed further. Investing in maiming strike and a riven might not be worth it unless you don’t mind something for short-term.



The atterax is known to be the best whip in the game. Let’s compare the base statistics of atterax vs scoliac.



Now, notice atterax has higher base damage, critical chance, critical damage multiplier, status chance, and slash. It is better in every way. Let’s look at both weapons modded in the same exact way.



As you can see all stats are significantly lower, but I think one thing that truly hurts the scoliac is its low status chance and low slash. This thing will not do well against high-level armored targets versus the tried and true atterax.


Disposition: ♦◊◊◊◊


Disposition: ♦♦♦♦◊

Since the disposition for scoliac is so high, we could potentially catch up to the atterax to be comparable. But that’s not the biggest significance here. The atterax riven has a maximum possible roll for range at +81.5%. The scoliac riven has a maximum possible roll for range at +211.8%. For atterax with that roll, we get about 12-13 meter range. For scoliac, it comes out to a whopping 18-19 meters!


We have two options here. We can get a riven, so that the scoliac does more damage than the atterax, but not more range.

OR we can get a riven, so that the scoliac does slightly less or comparable damage to the atterax, but with more range.


If you don’t know already, maximum rolls for each stat type is boosted by either having only 2 stat types or having a curse or BOTH.

  • 3 Stat Types

Possible roll: 105.0 to 128.4% Range

  • 3 Stat Types With Curse

Possible roll: 131.3 to 160.5% Range

  • 2 Stat Types

Possible roll: 138.6 to 169.5% Range

  • 2 Stat Types With Curse

Possible roll: 173.3 to 211.8% Range

Here we will go for a range stat on the riven, but we also need damage boosts, so that the scoliac becomes at least comparable to the atterax.

We have some options here:

  • +Range
  • +Damage
  • +Critical Damage
  • +Critical Chance on Slide Attack – This does not replace maiming strike, mod both riven and maiming strike
  • +Status Chance – If the riven doesn’t have status chance, the scoliac stays a non-status weapon. Therefor it will not do well against high level heavily armored units.
  • Note: +Critical Chance is useless

Here is my riven:

This riven has some pros and cons. The range is pretty good at 180. The status duration will lower damage from slash procs. However, slash won’t proc often at all because of the low status chance. The electric damage is high at 159%. My scoliac acts as a critical non-status weapon with comparable damage to the atterax, but has a significant damage drop off against higher level armored enemies. It handles up to sortie 3 content well, but I usually use my primary or secondary against level 100 highly armored enemies.

So you have a choice of building the scoliac toward a status weapon that will do better against armored units, or a pure crit weapon.

Here is my build:

My scoliac has a range of 17 meters.


Since we will be skipping range, we will have more space for damage stats. Here are the options. You’re going to need at least 2 of these stat types with high numbers:

  • +Status Chance – Again, if there’s no status chance, the scoliac will stay a non-status weapon weak against high-level armored units
  • +Damage
  • +Critical Damage
  • +Critical Chance on Slide Attack – This does not replace maiming strike, mod both riven and maiming strike
  • Note: +Critical Chance is useless
  • Note: This riven has to be really good or will not beat the atterax


Sortie Exterminate

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